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1 مقاله Multimaterial topology optimization by volume constrained Allen-Cahn system and regularized projected steepest descent method Tavakoli, R. Algorithms.
2 پایان نامه برنامه ریزی بهینه سیستم توزیع با در نظر گرفتن تولیدات پراکنده Distribution System Planning Implementing Distributed Generation پرکار کومله، سیامک Porkar, Siyamak صنعتی شریف 1389 تولید پراکنده Dispersed Generation / سیستم توزیع Distribution System / برنامه ریزی Planning / برنامه ریزی چندهدفه Multi Objective Programming / بر هم کنش GAMS-MATLAB GAMS-MATLAB Interface 05-41541
3 مقاله Alternating active-phase algorithm for multimaterial topology optimization problems: A 115-line MATLAB implementation Tavakoli, R. Iterative methods.
4 مقاله Analysis of an engine mounting structure of an aircraft with the purpose of accurate adjustment Ebrahimi, M. Engine mountings.
5 مقاله One-dimensional adiabatic circuits with inherent charge recycling Khorami, A. Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2015 Capacitors.
6 مقاله Designing, modeling and wrench feasible workspace analysis of a 3D cable suspended robot for heavy loads handling applications Hamedi, J. 2008 Three dimensional computer graphics.
7 مقاله Determination of installation capacity in reservoir hydro-power plants considering technical, economical and reliability indices Hosseini, S. M. H. 2008 Hydroelectric power plants.
8 مقاله Unconditionally energy stable time stepping scheme for Cahn-Morral equation: Application to multi-component spinodal decomposition and optimal space tiling Tavakoli, R. Academic Press Inc Unconditionally energy stable.
9 مقاله Distributed generation planning for losses, voltage profile, line congestion and total system cost improvement Porkar, S. 2009 Transmission company (TRANSCO)
10 مقاله Novel frequency synthesizer for spur level reduction Choopani, A. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2019 Frequency synthesizers.
11 مقاله Some new issues on secret sharing schemes Ehdaie, M. 2008 Arrays.
12 مقاله Optimal installation capacity of medium hydro-power plants considering technical, economic and reliability indices Hosseini, S. M. H. Acta Press, 2008 Hydroelectric power plants.
13 مقاله Multipath effect on false peaks in covariance based MIMO radar beampattern design Roshanzamir, A. 2013 MIMO radar.
14 مقاله Analysing of 3D beamforming in MIMO radars Roshanzamir, A. 2012 Radar systems.
15 مقاله Analysing of binary PAM systems in digital communication Roshanzamir, A. 2012 Matlab.
16 مقاله Neutronic simulation of a pebble bed reactor considering its double heterogeneous nature Abedi, A. 2012 High temperature reactors.
17 مقاله Force controlled manipulation of biological cells using a monolithic MEMS based nano-micro gripper Abbasi, A. A. 2012 Grippers.
18 مقاله Stability analysis of a single-phase phase-locked loop for power systems applications Seifi, S. 2012 Phase locked loops.
19 مقاله A novel optimal distribution system planning framework implementing distributed generation in a deregulated electricity market Porkar, S. 2010 Electric generators.
20 مقاله A study on vertical motions of high-speed planing boats with automatically controlled stern interceptors in calm water and head waves Karimi, M. H. Quality control.