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1 مقاله On ontology alignment experiments Abolhassani, H. 2006 Structural measure.
2 مقاله Invariant measures under geodesic flow Fanai, H. R. 2007 Invariant measures.
3 مقاله A new biomechanical method for objective measurement of spasticity: A preliminary study Nakhostin Ansari, N. MA Healthcare Ltd, 2007 Measurement.
4 مقاله A framework to review performance prism Najmi, M. 2012 Performance prism.
5 مقاله Helical antenna to measure radiated power density around a BTS: Design and implementation Ghayem, F. power density measurement.
6 مقاله Effect of hot extrusion on wear properties of Al-15wt.% Mg2Si in situ metal matrix composites Soltani, N. Wear.
7 مقاله Model enrichment: Concept, measurement, and application Yavari, E. Computer simulation.
8 مقاله An integral type characterization of constant functions on metric-measure spaces Ranjbar Motlagh, A. 2012 Metric-measure spaces.
9 مقاله Effect of the reactance term on the charge/discharge electrical measurements using cylindrical capacitive probes Behzadi, G. 2011 Liquid sample.
10 مقاله Observability enhancement by optimal PMU placement considering random power system outages Aminifar, F. Outages.
11 مقاله Functional neuroimaging for addiction medicine: From mechanisms to practical considerations Ekhtiari, H. Elsevier, 2016 Prediction.
12 مقاله Determination of heavy metal ions by an amperometric biosensor based on glucose oxidase immobilized onto single-walled carbon nanotubes/Nile blue nanocomposite Jahangirzadeh Varjovi, M. Springer Verlag, 2018 Voltametric.
13 پایان نامه اندازه گیری شاخص های چندبعدی فقر در ایران سال های 1383 و 1385 Multidimensional Poverty Measurement of Iran (2004,2006) علی مددی، محمد صادق Alimadadi, Mohammad Sadegh صنعتی شریف 1387 نظریه فازی Fuzzy Theory / شاخص سنجش فقر Poverty Measurement Index / شاخص چندبعدی فقر Multidimensional Poverty Measurement 44-39361
14 مقاله Some basis-free expressions for stresses conjugate to Hill's strains through solving the tensor equation AX + XA = C Asghari, M. 2008 Strain measurement.
15 مقاله Stresses conjugate to the Jaumann rate of Eulerian strain measures Asghari, M. 2007 Strain measurement.
16 مقاله A direct method for acoustic impedance measurement based on the measurement of electrical impedance of acoustic transmitter Ahadi, M. Acoustic impedance.
17 مقاله Data acquisition and resistance measurements using a simple program Golnabi, H. Sharif University of Technology, 2007 Measurement method.
18 مقاله Observability enhancement by optimal PMU placement considering random power system outages Aminifar, F. Outages.
19 مقاله Voltage stability analysis of a multiple-infeed load center using phasor measurement data Parniani, M. 2006 System stability.
20 مقاله Empirical study on effect of surface texture and grain size on displacement measurement of optical flow sensors Azizi, A. Displacement measurement.