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    Optimal power flow solution by a modified particle swarm optimization algorithm

    , Article Proceedings of the Universities Power Engineering Conference, 1 September 2008 through 4 September 2008, Padova ; 2008 ; 9788889884096 (ISBN) Hajian Hoseinabadi, H ; Hosseini, H ; Hajian, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    This paper presents a modified particle swarm optimization (MPSO) algorithm for solving the optimal power flow (OPF) problems. The main distinction of this approach is in using particle's worth experience in stead of the best previous experience. The proposed approach is evaluated on the IEEE 30-bus test system which minimizes the total fuel cost considering operational constraints such as power flow equations, transmission flow limits, bus voltages and reactive power of generators. The results obtained using the proposed approach are compared with results of other optimization methods  

    A modified PSO algorithm for minimizing the total costs of resources in MRCPSP

    , Article Mathematical Problems in Engineering ; Volume 2012 , 2012 ; 1024123X (ISSN) Khalilzadeh, M ; Kianfar, F ; Shirzadeh Chaleshtari, A ; Shadrokh, S ; Ranjbar, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    We introduce a multimode resource-constrained project scheduling problem with finish-to-start precedence relations among project activities, considering renewable and nonrenewable resource costs. We assume that renewable resources are rented and are not available in all periods of time of the project. In other words, there is a mandated ready date as well as a due date for each renewable resource type so that no resource is used before its ready date. However, the resources are permitted to be used after their due dates by paying penalty costs. The objective is to minimize the total costs of both renewable and nonrenewable resource usage. This problem is called multimode resource-constrained... 

    Distribution system efficiency improvement by reconfiguration and capacitor placement using a modified particle swarm optimization algorithm

    , Article EPEC 2010 - IEEE Electrical Power and Energy Conference: "Sustainable Energy for an Intelligent Grid", 25 August 2010 through 27 August 2010 ; August , 2010 ; 9781424481880 (ISBN) Rezaei, P ; Vakilian, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Capacitor placement/setting is one of the main means for loss reduction and voltage profile improvement in distribution systems. If capacitor placement is meant, the objective function will be the cost of energy losses besides the capacitors costs in a specified period of time. Here, reconfiguration can be used as a strategy to reform the base configuration of the distribution network in order to place the capacitors more efficiently with lower costs. On the other hand, if capacitors are already available in a network, optimum capacitors setting and network reconfiguration should be performed for power loss minimization. In this paper both power loss minimization and capacitor placement cost...