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1 مقاله Molecular dynamics modeling of a nanomaterials-water surface interaction Nejat Pishkenari, H. American Institute of Physics Inc, 2016 Molecular dynamics.
2 مقاله Calculation of melting temperature and transition curve for dickerson DNA dodecamer on the basis of configurational entropy, hydrogen bonding energy, and heat capacity: A molecular dynamics simulation study Izanloo, C. Molecular-dynamics.
3 مقاله Size dependence and effect of potential parameters on properties of nano-cavities in liquid xenon using molecular dynamics simulation Akbarzadeh, H. 2011 Nano-cavity.
4 مقاله Effect of copper content on tensile mechanical properties of ternary NiTiCu alloy nanowire: molecular dynamics simulation Fazeli, S. Elsevier Ltd, 2018 NiTiCu.
5 مقاله Molecular dynamics simulation of supercoiled DNA rings Fathizadeh, A. American Chemical Society, 2015 Bioinformatics.
6 مقاله Nanocar and nanotruck motion on gold surface Nemati, A. R. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc Molecular dynamics.
7 مقاله Coarse-graining models for molecular dynamics simulations of FCC metals Delafrouz, P. Polish Society of Theoretical and Allied Mechanics, 2018 Molecular dynamics.
8 مقاله Molecular dynamics simulation of manipulation of metallic nanoclusters on stepped surfaces Mahboobi, S. H. Molecular dynamics simulations.
9 مقاله Molecular dynamics simulation of manipulation of metallic nanoclusters on double-layer substrates [electronic resource] / Seyed Hanif Mahboobi, Ali Meghdari, Nader Jalili, Farshid Amiri. Mahboobi, H. (Hanif). Molecular dynamics simulations.
10 مقاله Molecular dynamics simulation of melting, solidification and remelting processes of aluminum [electronic resource] / S. Solhjoo, A. Simchi and H. Aashuri. Solhjoo, S. aluminum.
11 مقاله Validity and size-dependency of cauchy–born hypothesis with Tersoff potential in silicon nano-structures Khoei, A. R. (Amir Reza). Silicon nano-structure.
12 مقاله A temperature-related boundary Cauchy-Born method for multi-scale modeling of silicon nano-structures Khoei, A. R. Tersoff potential.
13 مقاله Molecular dynamics simulation of manipulation of metallic nanoclusters on stepped surfaces Mahboobi, S. H. Stepped surfaces.
14 مقاله Steered molecular dynamic simulation approaches for computing the blood brain barrier (BBB) diffusion coefficient Pedram, M. Z. Springer Verlag, 2015 Molecular dynamics.
15 مقاله Molecular dynamics study of the thermal expansion coefficient of silicon Nejat Pishkenari, H. Elsevier, B. V, 2016 Thermal expansion coefficient.
16 مقاله Molecular dynamic investigation of size-dependent surface energy of icosahedral copper nanoparticles at different temperature Myasnichenko, V. S. Institute for Metals Superplasticity Problems of Russian Academy of Sciences, 2016 Surface energy.
17 مقاله Wettability alteration properties of fluorinated silica nanoparticles in liquid-loaded pores: An atomistic simulation Sepehrinia, K. Elsevier, 2016 Wettability.
18 مقاله Increase in the β-sheet character of an amyloidogenic peptide upon adsorption onto gold and silver surfaces Soltani, N. Wiley-VCH Verlag, 2017 Toxicology.
19 مقاله Two-dimensional atomistic simulation of metallic nanoparticles pushing Mahboobi, S. H. 2009 Pushing process.
20 مقاله Simulation study of the Gachsaran asphaltene behavior within the interface of oil/water emulsion: a case study Saeedi Dehaghani, A. H. Elsevier B.V, 2019 Oil-water interface.