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1 مقاله Effect of nanofluid treatment on water sensitive formation to investigate water shock phenomenon, an experimental study Habibi, A. Nanofluid stability.
2 مقاله Application GMDH artificial neural network for modeling of Al2O3/water and Al2O3/Ethylene glycol thermal conductivity Ahmadi, M. H. International Information and Engineering Technology Association, 2018 Thermal conductivity.
3 مقاله A review of thermal conductivity of various nanofluids Ahmadi, M. H. Thermal conductivity of liquids.
4 مقاله Modeling and CFD simulation of a mixed-convection flow of regular fluids and nanofluids in vertical porous and regular channels Hashemi Amrei, S. M. H. Computational fluid dynamics.
5 مقاله Thermal performance enhancement of an evacuated tube solar collector using graphene nanoplatelets nanofluid Iranmanesh, S. Collector efficiency.
6 پایان نامه بررسی تاثیر حضور نانوذرات در انتقال جرم سیستم های مایع - مایع Investigation of Mass Transfer in Liquid-Liquid System in the Presence of Nanosized Particles نخعی پور، فهیمه Nakhaeipour, Fahimeh صنعتی شریف 1388 نانوسیال Nanofluid / انتقال جرم Mass Transfer / هیدرودینامیک Hydrodynamics / استخراج مایع - مایع Liquid-Liquid Extraction 06-40351
7 مقاله Experimental investigation of nanofluid stability on thermal performance and flow regimes in pulsating heat pipe Akbari, A. Springer Netherlands, 2018 Nanofluidics.
8 مقاله Lattice Boltzmann numerical investigation of inner cylindrical pin-fins configuration on nanofluid natural convective heat transfer in porous enclosure Jafari, Y. Isfahan University of Technology, 2018 Porous medium.
9 مقاله Experimental investigation of nanofluid stability on thermal performance and flow regimes in pulsating heat pipe Akbari, A. Springer Netherlands, 2019 Nanofluidics.
10 پایان نامه اندازه گیری آزمایشگاهی و تحلیل تئوری هدایت حرارتی نانوسیالات ترکیبی Experimental and Theoretical Investigation on Thermal Conductivity of Combined Nanofluids ایرانی دخت، وحید Iranidokht, Vahid صنعتی شریف 1391 نانوسیال Nanofluid / حرکت براونی Brownian motion / مواد فعال سطحی Surfactants / نانوسیال ترکیبی Combined Nanofluid / هدایت حرارتی موثر Effective Thermal Conductivity 08-43830
11 مقاله Modified Buongiorno's model for fully developed mixed convection flow of nanofluids in a vertical annular pipe Malvandi, A. Nanofluidics.
12 مقاله Analysis of nanoparticles migration on natural convective heat transfer of nanofluids Pakravan, H. A. 2013 Nanofluidics.
13 مقاله Experimental assessment of convective heat transfer coefficient enhancement of nanofluids prepared from high surface area nanoporous graphene Naghash, A. S. Elsevier Ltd Heat convection.
14 مقاله A novel correlation approach for viscosity prediction of water based nanofluids of Al2O3, TiO2, SiO2 and CuO KalantariMeybodi, M. Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2016 Nanofluidics.
15 مقاله Recovery of drop in heat transfer rate for a rotating system by nanofluids Zeibi Shirejini, S. R. Elsevier Nanofluidics.
16 مقاله The Role of Carbon Nanotubes in Improving Thermal Stability of Polymeric Fluids: Experimental and Modeling Halali, M. A. American Chemical Society, 2016 Thermal conductivity.
17 مقاله An experimental comparison of SiO2/water nanofluid heat transfer in square and circular cross-sectional channels Pourfayaz, F. Springer Netherlands, 2017 Heat transfer.
18 مقاله Experimental study on viscosity of spinel-type manganese ferrite nanofluid in attendance of magnetic field Amani, M. Nanofluidics.
19 مقاله An experimental study on the proper criterion to judge the thermal performance of the nanofluids Sajedi, R. Elsevier Ltd, 2017 Nanofluidics.
20 مقاله 3D investigation of natural convection of nanofluids in a curved boundary enclosure applying lattice Boltzmann method Hosseini Abadshapoori, M. Emerald Group Publishing Ltd, 2018 Nanofluidics.