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1 مقاله Aggregation and detection of magnetic nanoparticles in microfluidic channels Sarreshtedari, F. 2012 Superparamagnetic nanoparticles.
2 مقاله A new colloidal technique for the synthesis of lead sulfide nanoparticles Askari, M. Sharif University of Technology, 2003 Lead.
3 پایان نامه اندازه گیری اسپکتروفوتومتری و رنگ سنجی 4 - هیدروکسی 2 - مرکاپتو - 6 - متیل پیریمیدین بر پایه تجمع نانوذرات طلا Spectrophotometric and Colorimetric Determination of 4-Hydroxy-2 -Mercapto-6-Methylpyrimidine (MTU) Based on the Aggregation of Gold Nanoparticles قیم، سنا Ghayyem, Sana دانشگاه صنعتی شریف 1392 نانوذرات طلا Gold Nanoparticle / 4 - هیدروکسی - 2 - مرکاپتو - 6 - متیل پیریمیدین 4-Hydroxy-2-Mercapto-6-Methylpyrimidine (MTU) / تجمع نانوذرات Nanoparticles Aggregation 03-45102
4 مقاله Electrodeposition of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles on Precasted Carbon Nanoparticles Film for Electrochemical Investigation of anti-HIV Drug Nevirapine Shahrokhian, S. Wiley-VCH Verlag, 2015 Voltammetry.
5 مقاله Avrami behavior of magnetite nanoparticles formation in co-precipitation process Ahmadi, R. Nanoparticles.
6 مقاله Sol-gel synthesis of thermoluminescent Cd-doped ZnTe nanoparticles Shafiee, S. National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCAIR), 2015 ZnTe.
7 مقاله Synthesis, structural characterization and reactivity of manganese tungstate nanoparticles in the oxidative degradation of methylene blue Khaksar, M. Elsevier Masson SAS, 2015 TBHP.
8 مقاله Understanding the nanoparticle-protein corona complexes using computational and experimental methods Kharazian, B. Elsevier Ltd Simulation.
9 مقاله Microstructure and compressibility of SiC nanoparticles reinforced Cu nanocomposite powders processed by high energy mechanical milling [electronic resource] / M. R. Akbarpour, E. Salahi, F. Alikhani Hesari, A. Simchi, and H. S. Kim. Akbarpour, M.R. (Mohammad Reza). Microstructure.
10 مقاله A new approach for the in vitro identification of the cytotoxicity of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles [electronic resource]. Mahmoudi, M. (Morteza). MTT.
11 مقاله A new approach for calculation of relaxation time and magnetic anisotropy of ferrofluids containing superparmagnetic nanoparticles Ahmadi, R. 2012 Relaxation time.
12 مقاله Controlled crystallization of LTA zeolitic nanoparticles from a clear solution using organic template Esmaeili, N. 2011 Nanoparticle.
13 مقاله Nanocellulose/Carbon Nanoparticles Nanocomposite Film Modified Electrode for Durable and Sensitive Electrochemical Determination of Metoclopramide Shahrokhian, S. Wiley-VCH Verlag, 2015 Voltammetry.
14 مقاله A Visual Colorimetric Probe for Naked-Eye Detection of Pamidronate Disodium in Human Plasma Based on Aggregation of Citrate-Capped Gold Nanoparticles Hormozi Nezhad, M. R. Springer New York LLC, 2015 Pamidronate disodium.
15 مقاله Experimental and numerical investigation of fully developed forced convection of water-based Fe3O4 nanofluid passing through a tube in the presence of an alternating magnetic field Dibaei Bonab, M. H. Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2015 Nanoparticles.
16 مقاله Synthesis of TiO2 nano powder by the sol-gel method and its use as a photocatalyst Karami, A. 2010 Titanium dioxide.
17 مقاله Selective aqueous oxidation of alcohols catalyzed by copper (II) phthalocyanine nanoparticles Kheirjou, S. Elsevier Masson SAS Phthalocyanine nanoparticles.
18 مقاله Nanoparticle-based optical sensor arrays Hormozi-Nezhad, M. R. Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017 Real time systems.
19 مقاله Biocompatibility and hyperthermia efficiency of sonochemically synthesized magnetic nanoparticles Talebi, M. World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte Ltd, 2019 Sonochemistry.
20 مقاله A sensitive voltammetric morphine nanosensor based on BaFe12O19 nanoparticle-modified screen-printed electrodes Bagherinasab, Z. Springer, 2020 Voltammetric techniques.