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    Ultrafast two-step synthesis of s-doped Fe/Ni (Oxy)Hydroxide/Ni nanocone arrays on carbon cloth and stainless-steel substrates for water-splitting applications

    , Article ACS Applied Energy Materials ; Volume 4, Issue 10 , 2021 , Pages 10627-10638 ; 25740962 (ISSN) Hafezi Kahnamouei, M ; Shahrokhian, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    American Chemical Society  2021
    Nonprecious and effective electrocatalyst development is an essential requirement for boosting water-splitting efficiency to obtain clean and sustainable fuels for future renewable energy demands. Herein, we reported an ultrafast and feasible strategy for constructing an S-doped bimetallic iron/nickel oxy(hydroxide) (S-(Fe/Ni)OOH) as a superior electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction (OER). It is prepared by consequent electroplating of nickel nanocone arrays (NiNCAs) on carbon cloth (CC) and stainless-steel mesh (SSM) and then formation of S-(Fe/Ni)OOH layers on them by ultrafast one-step oxidation solution-phase method in the solution of Fe3+ and sodium thiosulfate at room... 

    Electrocatalytic oxidation of methanol on Ni and NiCu alloy modified glassy carbon electrode

    , Article International Journal of Hydrogen Energy ; Volume 33, Issue 16 , August , 2008 , Pages 4367-4376 ; 03603199 (ISSN) Danaee, I ; Jafarian, M ; Forouzandeh, F ; Gobal, F ; Mahjani, M. G ; Sharif University of Technology
    Nickel and nickel-copper alloy modified glassy carbon electrodes (GC/Ni and GC/NiCu) prepared by galvanostatic deposition were examined for their redox process and electrocatalytic activities towards the oxidation of methanol in alkaline solutions. The methods of cyclic voltammetery (CV) and chronoamperometry (CA) were employed. The cyclic voltammogram of NiCu alloy demonstrates the formation of β/β crystallographic forms of the nickel oxyhydroxide under prolonged repetitive potential cycling in alkaline solution. In CV studies, in the presence of methanol NiCu alloy modified electrode shows a significantly higher response for methanol oxidation. The peak current of the oxidation of nickel...