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1 مقاله Simultaneous ammonium and nitrate removal by a modified intermittently aerated sequencing batch reactor (SBR) with multiple filling events Hajsardar, M. De Gruyter Open Ltd Sequencing batch reactor.
2 مقاله Sensitive determination of dopamine in the presence of uric acid and ascorbic acid using TiO2 nanotubes modified with Pd, Pt and Au nanoparticles Mahshid, S. 2011 Uric acid.
3 مقاله High yield of CO and synchronous s recovery from the conversion of CO2 and H2S in natural gas based on a novel electrochemical reactor Bai, J. American Chemical Society, 2021 Oxidation-Reduction.
4 پایان نامه سنتز کامپوزیت های اصلاح شده جدید بر پایه نانومواد متخلخل و کاربرد آنها در تخریب آلاینده های زیست محیطی Synthesis of new Modified Composites Based on Nanoporous Materials and their Application in Environmental Pollutant Degradation زارع سهیلی، حسین Zare Soheili, Hossein صنعتی شریف 1398 کاتالیزور Catalyst / سیستم های فوتوکاتالیزوری Photocatalytic Systmes / نانوکامپوزیت Nanocomposite / آلاینده زیست محیطی Environmental Pollutant / واکنش اکسایش - احیا Oxidation-Reduction Reaction / مواد نانومتخلخل Nanoporous Materials 03-52528
5 پایان نامه تهیه و شناسایی نانوکاتالیزورهای ساختاریافته و کاربرد آن ها در مطالعه سینتیک واکنش های اکسایش و کاهش Synthesis and Characterization of Structured Nanocatalysts and Their Applications in Kinetics Study of Oxidation-reduction Reactions اکبرزاده فردوسیه نژاد، الهام Akbarzadeh Ferdosiehnezhad, Elham صنعتی شریف 1396 نانوکامپوزیت Nanocomposite / واکنش آزادشدن هیدروژن Hydrogen Evolution Reaction / کاتالیزور نوری Photocatalyst / بررسی جنبشی Kinetics Study / واکنش اکسایش - احیا Oxidation-Reduction Reaction / کمک کاتالیزور Cocatalyst 03-50566
6 پایان نامه مطالعه اثر محیط شیمیایی از دیدگاه نظری و تجربی و بررسی تأثیر آن بر سینتیک واکنش های اکسایش - کاهش با استفاده از نانوکاتالیزورهای فلزی و اکسید فلزی Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Influence of Chemical Environments and Investigation of their Effects on the Kinetics of Redox Reactions using Metal and Metal Oxide Nanocatalyst کهن ترابی، مونا Kohantorabi, Mona صنعتی شریف 1397 واکنش اکسایش - احیا Oxidation-Reduction Reaction / بررسی جنبشی Kinetics Study / اثر حلال Solvent Effect / تصفیه آب Water Treatment / نانوساختار هسته - پوسته Core-Shell Nanostructure / نانوذرات دوفلزی Bimetallic Nanoparticles / نانوکامپوزیت چندفازی Multiphasic Nanocomposite 03-51353
7 مقاله Exhaustive denitrification via chlorine oxide radical reactions for urea based on a novel photoelectrochemical cell Shen, Z. NLM (Medline), 2020 Urea.
8 مقاله Nickel hydroxide nanoparticles-reduced graphene oxide nanosheets film: Layer-by-layer electrochemical preparation, characterization and rifampicin sensory application Rastgar, S. Antitubercular.
9 مقاله Effect of electrolyte concentration on microstructure and properties of micro arc oxidized hydroxyapatite/titania nanostructured composite Abbasi, S. 2013 X-Ray Diffraction.
10 مقاله Electrocatalytic CO2 fixation by regenerating reduced cofactor NADH during calvin cycle using glassy carbon electrode Ali, I. Public Library of Science, 2020 Phosphates.
11 مقاله Trichloroethylene degradation by PVA-coated calcium peroxide nanoparticles in Fe(II)-based catalytic systems: enhanced performance by citric acid and nanoscale iron sulfide Ali, M. Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2021 Water Pollutants, Chemical.
12 مقاله Molybdenum oxo-peroxo complex: A very fast catalyst for oxidation and reduction of sulfur-based compounds Bagherzadeh, M. 2012 Molybdenum compounds.
13 مقاله One-step fabrication of electrochemically reduced graphene oxide/nickel oxide composite for binder-free supercapacitors Shahrokhian, S. Elsevier Ltd, 2016 Electrochemical electrodes.
14 مقاله Graphene oxide for rapid determination of testosterone in the presence of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide in urine and blood plasma of athletes Heidarimoghadam, R. Graphene.
15 مقاله Long-term stability of dye-sensitized solar cells using a facile gel polymer electrolyte Ma'alinia, A. Royal Society of Chemistry, 2018 Solid state.
16 مقاله Composites of reduced graphene oxide/nickel submicrorods for non-enzymatic electrochemical biosensing: application to amperometric glucose detection Mohammadzadeh, A. Institute of Physics Publishing, 2020 Graphene.
17 مقاله A novel iron complex containing an N,O-type bidentate oxazoline ligand: Synthesis, X-ray studies, DFT calculations and catalytic activity Amini, M. Urea.
18 مقاله Polyphenols attached graphene nanosheets for high efficiency NIR mediated photodestruction of cancer cells Abdolahad, M. 2013 Spectrophotometry, Ultraviolet.
19 مقاله Carbon-Pt nanoparticles modified TiO 2 nanotubes for simultaneous detection of dopamine and uric acid Mahshid, S. Platinum.
20 مقاله Combined UV-C/H2O2-VUV processes for the treatment of an actual slaughterhouse wastewater Vaezzadeh Naderi, K. Taylor and Francis Inc, 2017 Waste Water.