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    Statistical study of nano-scale VLSI interconnect crosstalk and its induced power estimation

    , Article 2012 2nd IEEE CPMT Symposium Japan, ICSJ 2012, 10 December 2012 through 12 December 2012 ; December , 2012 ; 9781467326551 (ISBN) Mehri, M ; Sarvari, R ; Seyedolhosseini, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Crosstalk due to the capacitive and inductive coupling has adverse effect on the circuit performance. In this paper crosstalk voltage and its induced power are studied for a stochastic environment bus with specific physical structure. Input switching pattern, driver, and load are swept in wide range for VLSI application to study crosstalk variation. Crosstalk and power is extracted to drive mean and standard deviation for implemented structures. The crosstalk mean and its induced power get lower with increasing of the load and driver resistance. This phenomenon is proportional to shrinking the technology  

    A holistic survey on mechatronic Systems in Micro/Nano scale with challenges and applications

    , Article Journal of Micro-Bio Robotics ; 2021 ; 21946418 (ISSN) Ghanbarzadeh Dagheyan, A ; Jalili, N ; Ahmadian, M. T ; Sharif University of Technology
    Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH  2021
    Micro/Nano mechatronic systems might be defined as systems that include nano- or micro-scale components. These components can be sensors, actuators, and/or physical structures. Furthermore, the high-precision control laws for such small scales are important to ensure stability, accuracy, and precision in these systems. In this writing, four categories of such small-scale systems are considered by providing multifarious novel or key examples from the literature: control engineering and modeling, design and fabrication, measurement engineering, and sensor/actuator development. The applications discussed in the examples vary from nano-positioners, crucial in systems such as atomic force... 

    Mathematical modelingof deflection of a beam: a finite element approach

    , Article 2nd International Conference on Environmental and Computer Science, ICECS 20092009 ; Article number 5383533 , 2009 , Pages 161-164 ; 9780769539379 (ISBN) Azizi, A ; Durali, L ; Zareie, S ; International Association of Computer Science; and Information Technology (IACSIT) ; Parvari Rad, F ; Sharif University of Technology
    Introducing a suitable model for a structure to understand its behavior under different conditions of loading is very important. Mathematical modeling is the simulation of a physical structure or physical process by means of suitable analytical or numerical construct. One of suitable methods for finding deflection of a beam under different forms of loading is Finite Element Method (FEM). In this paper we find deflection of a beam using FEM based on Euler-Bernoulli and Timoshenko theory. © 2009 IEEE  

    Hydrogel materials as an emerging platform for desalination and the production of purified water

    , Article Separation and Purification Reviews ; 2020 , Pages 1-20 Salehi, A. A ; Ghannadi Maragheh, M ; Torab Mostaedi, M ; Torkaman, R ; Asadollahzadeh, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Taylor and Francis Inc  2020
    Water is the most abundant liquid on Earth, but only 2.5% of worldwide water are fresh. It is impossible to ignore the importance of water in almost every process on Earth, from the smallest bacteria life to the formation of the continents. Today, efforts for the desalination of seawater and brackish water are critical to produce drinking water. In recent years, a novel material: hydrogel, was considered in desalination processes. Interesting hydrogel applications were proposed for forward osmosis desalination, solar still, electrodialysis, and capacitive desalination. Simple and inexpensive desalination ways for drinking water production are needed. Hydrogel compounds are one of the leading... 

    Experimental investigation of rheological and morphological properties of water in crude oil emulsions stabilized by a lipophilic surfactant

    , Article Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology ; Volume 34, Issue 3 , Feb , 2013 , Pages 356-368 ; 01932691 (ISSN) Sadeghi, M. B ; Ramazani, S. A. A ; Taghikhani, V ; Ghotbi, C ; Sharif University of Technology
    Rheological behavior of two crude oils and their surfactant-stabilized emulsions with initial droplet sizes ranging from 0.5 to 75 μm were investigated at various temperatures under steady and dynamic shear testing conditions. In order to evaluate the morphology and Stability of emulsions, microscopic analysis was carried out over three months and average diameter and size distribution of dispersed droplets were determined. The water content and surfactant concentration ranged from 10 to 60% vol/vol and 0.1 to 10% wt/vol, respectively. The results indicated that the rheological properties and the physical structure and stability of emulsions were significantly influenced by the water content...