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    Fiber core size determination from power measurements in a fiber-to-fiber design

    , Article Microwave and Optical Technology Letters ; Volume 53, Issue 6 , 2011 , Pages 1225-1229 ; 08952477 (ISSN) Golnabi, H ; Sharif University of Technology
    Fiber core size determination from power transmission modulation for different fibers is reported.Three different fibers are tested and power variations of lateral displacement of the second fiber are obtained (lamp, red LED). From the averaged bandwidths of the response curves the core diameter of each fiber is determined. © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Microwave Opt Technol Lett 53:1225-1229, 2011; View this article online at wileyonlinelibrary.com. DOI 10.1002/mop.25967 Copyright  

    Evaluation of Caviar Models Incorporated with Intraday Information ,the Case Study:Estimation Value at Risk of Gold

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Karimi, Parvane (Author) ; Barakchian, Mahdi (Supervisor)
    Value at risk (VaR) is the maximum loss of the asset portfolio at the specified confidence level and certain time horizon. This tool is used to measure market risk and also used as a basis in determining financial standards for international financial instituation. Conditional Autoregressive Value at Risk models or CAViaR models introduced by Engle and Manganelli (2004). This models calculate VaR base on quantile regession approach and show some promising performance properties.
    In order to propose a more accurate model for calcutating VaR , we develop CAViaR models by incorporating them with intraday information then we calculate VaR with this kind of models and CAViaR... 

    Using three different optical fiber designs to study humidity effect on the air refractive index

    , Article Optics and Lasers in Engineering ; Volume 50, Issue 11 , November , 2012 , Pages 1495-1500 ; 01438166 (ISSN) Golnabi, H ; Sharif University of Technology
    Design and operation of three different optical designs based on the light intensity modulation for investigation of the humidity effects on the air index of refraction are described. The measurement variable is the transmitted power, which depends on the refractive index of the medium in the path of a fiber-to-fiber optical design. Three different probes (probe #1, #2, and #3) are tested in which probe #1 and probe #2 can also check the presence of water or any other transparent liquid in the gap between the two axial fibers. Performances of the new systems are tested as a refractive index monitoring mean and experimental results are given. The variations of the modulated powers as... 

    Investigation of humidity effect on the air refractive index using an optical fiber design

    , Article Journal of Applied Sciences ; Volume 11, Issue 16 , 2011 , Pages 3022-3027 ; 18125654 (ISSN) Mehrabani, A ; Golnabi, H ; Sharif University of Technology
    In this study operation of an optical design based on the intensity modulation for the refractive index change has been described. The reported instrument measures the transmitted output power depending up on the medium refractive index in the light path of a fiber-to-fiber design. A liquid cell is located between the fibers in the light path and power variations for different cold and hot water levels in the cell are measured. By using a reference humidity meter the calibration curve representing the relative humidity (%RH) as a function of the transmitted output power is obtained. For the hot water with the final temperature of T = 32.7°C the output power range of 255.0 -313.OnW is... 

    Variation-aware task scheduling and power mode selection for MPSoC power optimization

    , Article Proceedings - 15th CSI International Symposium on Computer Architecture and Digital Systems, CADS 2010, 23 September 2010 through 24 September 2010 ; September , 2010 , Pages 27-33 ; 9781424462698 (ISBN) Momtazpour, M ; Goudarzi, M ; Sanaei, E ; Sharif University of Technology
    Increasing delay and power variation has become a major challenge to designing high performance Multiprocessor System-On-Chips (MPSoC) in deep sub-micron technologies. As a result, a paradigm shift from deterministic to statistical design methodology at all levels of the design hierarchy is inevitable. In this paper, we propose a static variation-aware task scheduling and power mode selection algorithm for MPSoCs. The proposed algorithm is able to maximize the total power yield of the chip under a given performance yield constraint by searching for the optimal task scheduling and power mode selection policy for a specified multiprocessor platform. Experimental results are gathered by... 

    Power control to enable QoS for indoor wireless infrared CDMA networks

    , Article HUT-ICCE 2006 1st International Conference on Communications and Electronics, Hanoi, 10 October 2006 through 11 October 2006 ; Volume PART 1 , 2006 , Pages 246-252 ; 1424405688 (ISBN); 9781424405688 (ISBN) Aminzadeh Gohari, A ; Pakravan, M. R ; Sharif University of Technology
    Wireless infrared optical CDMA (W-OCDMA) is a new developing technique with some useful applications. Control and efficient use of optical power is a key issue in analysis and design of these systems. Also, multi user interference is a major source if impairment in these system. As a result, power control is a key issue in design and implementation of these systems. In this article we investigate a Dynamic Resource Management Algorithm (DRMA) as a framework, which employs power control to enable QoS in terms of reliability for multimedia traffic in W-OCDMA networks using Optical Orthogonal Codes (OOC's). A numerical method is also proposed to overcome computational difficulties of call...