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1 مقاله Erratum to Non-linear dynamical features of center of pressure extracted by recurrence quantification analysis in people with unilateral anterior cruciate ligament injury [Gait Posture, 31, 4, (2010), 450-455] Negahban, H. 2010 Priority journal.
2 مقاله Erratum to "Test-retest reliability of center of pressure measures of postural stability during quiet standing in a group with musculoskeletal disorders consisting of low back pain, anterior cruciate ligament injury and functional ankle instability" [Gait Posture 29 (2009) 460-464] (DOI:10.1016/j.gaitpost.2008.11.016) Salavati, M. 2009 Priority journal.
3 مقاله Simulation of manual materials handling: Biomechanial assessment under different lifting conditions Gündogdu, Ö. IOS Press, 2005 Theoretical study.
4 مقاله Curbing Iran's academic misconduct Ataie Ashtiani, B. American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2016 Scientific misconduct.
5 مقاله Iran's scientists condemn instances of plagiarism Ardalan, F. Scientific misconduct.
6 مقاله Efficient recyclable catalytic system for deoxygenation of sulfoxides: Catalysis of ionic liquid-molybdenum complexes in ionic liquid solution Bagherzadeh, M. 2012 Reduction.
7 مقاله Comments regarding: Pereira SA, Lopez M, Lavado N, Abreu JM, Silva H. A clinical risk prediction model of orthodontic-induced external apical root resorption. Revista Portuguesa de Estomatologia, Medicina Dentária e Cirurgia Maxilofacial 2014;55(2):66-72 Abdi, A. H. Elsevier Doyma, 2015 Tooth radiography.
8 مقاله Synthesis of eight-membered hydroquinolines related to alkaloid skeletons via addition of 4-hydroxycoumarin or 4-hydroxypyran-2-one to quinolinium salts Matloubi Moghaddam, F. 2010 Alkaloid.
9 مقاله Reactivity of a new aryl cycloplatinated(ii) complex containing rollover 2,2′-bipyridine: N -oxide toward a series of diphosphine ligands Shahsavari, H. R. X ray diffraction.
10 مقاله MAGIC: An open-source MATLAB toolbox for external control of transcranial magnetic stimulation devices Habibollahi Saatlou, F. Elsevier Inc, 2018 Transcranial magnetic stimulation.
11 مقاله Highly efficient ring opening reactions of epoxides with deactivated aromatic amines catalyzed by heteropoly acids in water Azizi, N. 2007 Ring opening.
12 مقاله Two statistical methods for resolving healthy individuals and those with congestive heart failure based on extended self-similarity and a recursive method Atyabi, F. 2006 Statistical analysis.
13 مقاله Subject-specific compressive tolerance estimates Davis, K. G. IOS Press, 2003 Multivariate analysis.
14 مقاله The stereoselective synthesis of tetrahydrothiopyrano[2,3-b]indole skeletons via tandem reaction of indoline-2-thiones to Baylis-Hillman adduct acetates Moghaddam, F. M. 2013 Synthesis.
15 مقاله A new Boson with a mass of 125 GeV observed with the CMS experiment at the large hadron collider Chatrchyan, S. American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2012 Quark.
16 مقاله Pyridinium salts - Versatile reagents for the regioselective synthesis of functionalized thiazocino[2,3-b]indoles by tandem dinucleophilic reactions of thiooxindoles Kiamehr, M. 2012 Synthesis.
17 مقاله Facile entry to polycyclic indolylhydroquinoline skeletons via tandem C-alkylation and intramolecular S-alkylation Matloubi Moghaddam, F. X ray analysis.
18 مقاله Highly dispersible and magnetically recyclable poly(1-vinyl imidazole) brush coated magnetic nanoparticles: An effective support for the immobilization of palladium nanoparticles Pourjavadi, A. Royal Society of Chemistry Synthesis.
19 مقاله Automatic tracking of laparoscopic instruments for autonomous control of a cameraman robot Amini Khoiy, K. Taylor and Francis Ltd, 2016 Smoke.
20 مقاله Manufacturing of hydrogel biomaterials with controlled mechanical properties for tissue engineering applications Vedadghavami, A. Tissue engineering.