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1 مقاله Multi-Product constrained economic production quantity models for imperfect quality items with rework Mokhtari, H. Iran University of Science and Technology, 2021 Imperfect products.
2 مقاله Capturing an intruder in product networks Imani, N. 2006 Single-agent.
3 مقاله Ultra-small and highly dispersive iron oxide hydroxide as an efficient catalyst for oxidation reactions: a swiss-army-knife catalyst Amini, M. Nature Research, 2021 Catalyst.
4 مقاله Random rework rate: Obtaining economic batch quantity Haji, R. 2008 Costs.
5 مقاله A layered and modular platform to enable distributed CAx collaboration and support product data integration based on STEP standard Houshmand, M. 2013 Product design.
6 مقاله Multiproduct EPQ model with single machine, backordering and immediate rework process Taleizadeh, A. A. Production engineering.
7 مقاله Factors influencing construction productivity Khoramshahi, F. School of Engineering and Technology, 2006 Project management.
8 مقاله On the dynamic coloring of cartesian product graphs Akbari, S. Dynamic coloring.
9 مقاله A new version of Zagreb indices Ghorbani, M. 2012 Product graph.
10 مقاله Measurement of the production cross section ratio σ(χb2(1P))/σ(χb1(1P)) in pp collisions at s=8TeV Khachatryan, V. Elsevier, 2015 Quarkonium production.
11 مقاله Study of factors affecting on the sawability of the ornamental stone Yousefi, R. 2010 Sawing.
12 مقاله A two-dimensional approach to evaluate the scientific production of countries (case study: The basic sciences) Nejati, A. Scientific production.
13 مقاله The square chromatic number of the torus Goodarzvand Chegini, A. Elsevier Torus.
14 مقاله A feature model based framework for refactoring software product line architecture Tanhaei, M. Springer New York LLC, 2016 Computer software.
15 مقاله Bundle pricing and inventory decisions on complementary products Taleizadeh, A. A. Springer Verlag, 2017 Pricing.
16 مقاله The productivity trend in Iran: evidence from manufacturing firms Rahmati, M. H. Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2018 R&D.
17 مقاله Bundle pricing and inventory decisions on complementary products Taleizadeh, A. A. Springer, 2020 Pricing.
18 مقاله Economic batch quantity with rework and storage capacity constraint Haji, R. 2008 Costs.
19 مقاله Matrix product representations for all valence bond states Karimipour, V. 2008 Renormalization group.
20 مقاله The edge product of networks Jalali, A. 2007 Computational geometry.