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    Desalination through sweeping gas membrane distillation alternative

    , Article CHISA 2012 - 20th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering and PRES 2012 - 15th Conference PRES ; 2012 Bastani, D ; Kargari, A ; Shirazi, M. M. A ; Fatehi, L ; Soleimani, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Sweeping gas membrane distillation process was studied using flat sheet hydrophobic PTFE membrane. The effects of operating parameters, including feed temperature, feed flow rate, sweeping gas flow rate, and feed concentration on the permeate flux, were determined. The feed temperature significantly influenced the permeate flux. Increasing the feed temperature increased the permeate flux. The increase of feed concentration caused to reduce the permeate flux due to the increase of concentration polarization effect and reduction of vapor pressure difference. Sweeping gas flow rate led to increase the permeate flux due to reduction of vapor pressure in the permeate side. Higher air flow rate... 

    Production of drinking water from seawater using membrane distillation (MD) alternative: Direct contact MD and sweeping gas MD approaches

    , Article Desalination and Water Treatment ; Vol. 52, issue. 13-15 , Apr , 2014 , p. 2372-2381 Shirazi, M. M. A ; Kargari, A ; Bastani, D ; Fatehi, L ; Sharif University of Technology
    In this work, two-membrane distillation (MD) modes, direct contact MD, and sweeping gas MD were investigated for synthesized and real (Persian Gulf) seawater desalination. A commercial PTFE membrane with 0.22 μm pore size was characterized (using atomic force microscopy and scanning electron microscopy) and was used for experiments. A multipurpose plate and frame MD module was used for desalination experiments. The effects of various operating conditions and MD module design, as well as feed type on the permeation flux have been studied. The feed temperature was found to be the most effective operating parameter. The flow rate in both sides of the MD module was found to be effective;...