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1 مقاله Fuzzy random minimum cost network problem [electronic resource] / Javad Nematian, Kourosh Eshghi. Nematian, J. (Javad). Chance-constrained programming.
2 مقاله A resource constrained project scheduling problem with fuzzy random duration [electronic resource] / Javad Nematian, Kourosh Eshghi, Abdolhamid Eshragh Jahromi. Nematian, J. (Javad). Integer programming.
3 مقاله Improved cardinality bounds on the auxiliary random variables in Marton's inner bound Anantharam, V. 2013 Random variables.
4 مقاله Capacity of a more general class of relay channels Abed Hodtani, G. 2008 Communication channels (information theory)
5 مقاله A fuzzy random minimum cost network flow programming problem [electronic resource] / Javad Nematian, Kourosh Eshghi. Nematian, J. (Javad). Chanceconstrained programming.
6 مقاله On hypercontractivity and the mutual information between Boolean functions Anantharam, V. IEEE Computer Society, 2013 Binary sequences.
7 مقاله Generating dependent random variables over networks Gohari, A. A. Random variables.
8 مقاله Relations between belief propagation on erasure and symmetric channels Etesami, O. 2004 Parity check codes.
9 مقاله Conditional distribution inverse method in generating uniform random vectors over a simplex Moeini, A. Random variables.
10 مقاله On the evaluation of marton’s inner bound for two-receiver broadcast channels Anantharam, V. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2018 Signal receivers.
11 مقاله Unified approach to the capacity evaluation of the relay channel Hodtani, G. A. 2009 Random variables.
12 مقاله On group-characterizability of homomorphic secret sharing schemes Kaboli, R. Elsevier B. V, 2021 Random variables.
13 مقاله Risk measures for minimization of earthquake costs Haukaas, T. 2013 Cost benefit analysis.
14 مقاله Proof of humanity: a tax-aware society-centric consensus algorithm for blockchains Arjomandi Nezhad, A. Springer, 2021 Blockchain.
15 مقاله On the PDF of the sum of random vectors Abdi, A. 2000 Random media.
16 پایان نامه تعریف معیار همبستگی بین متغیر های تصادفی حاصل از فرآیند های تصادفی تنک Defining a Correlation Measure for Random Variables Derived from SSP چاروسایی، محمد امین Charusaie, Mohammad-Amin صنعتی شریف 1397 معیار همبستگی Correlation Criterion / فرایندهای تصادفی تنک Sparse Stochastic Processes / همبستگی بیشینه Maximal Correlation / فرایند لوی Levy Process / متغیرهای تصادفی Random Variables 05-52041
17 مقاله On marton's inner bound and its optimality for classes of product broadcast channels Geng, Y. Broadcasting.
18 مقاله Beyond the cut-set bound: Uncertainty computations in network coding with correlated sources Gohari, A. A. 2013 Problem solving.
19 مقاله Limiting spectral distribution of the sample covariance matrix of the windowed array data Yazdian, E. 2013 Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions.
20 مقاله Spectral distribution of the exponentially windowed sample covariance matrix Yazdian, E. IEEE, 2012 Signal processing.