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    Catalyst-free regioselective ring opening of epoxides with aromatic amines in water and solvent-free conditions

    , Article Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society ; Volume 10, Issue 1 , February , 2013 , Pages 7-11 ; 1735207X (ISSN) Ziyaei Halimehjani, A ; Gholami, H ; Saidi, M. R ; Sharif University of Technology
    Without using any catalysts, a variety of epoxides undergo ring-opening by aromatic amines to afford the corresponding 1,2-amino alcohols in high to excellent yields with good regioselectivity in the presence of water as solvent and under solvent-free conditions  

    Lithium perchlorate promoted highly regioselective ring opening of epoxides under solvent-free conditions

    , Article Catalysis Communications ; Volume 8, Issue 12 , December , 2007 , Pages 2198-2203 ; 15667367 (ISSN) Azizi, N ; Mirmashhori, B ; Saidi, M. R ; Sharif University of Technology
    A simple and efficient synthesis of diol diesters, protected chlorohydrins, chlorohydrins and β-hydroxy azides with acetyl or benzoyl, TMSN3 and TMSCl groups has been achieved by ring opening of epoxides with acetic anhydride, acetyl chloride or benzoyl chloride and TMSN3 using catalytic amount of lithium perchlorate under solvent-free conditions. All reactions proceeded in short times and afforded the corresponding products in good to excellent yields under mild reaction conditions. LiClO4 shows enhanced reactivity for the ring opening of epoxides under solvent-free conditions, therefore, reducing the reaction times dramatically and improved the yields and amount of catalyst. © 2007... 

    Synthesis, characterization and application of magnetic room temperature dicationic ionic liquid as an efficient catalyst for the preparation of 1,2-azidoalcohols

    , Article Journal of Molecular Liquids ; Volume 183 , 2013 , Pages 14-19 ; 01677322 (ISSN) Godajdar, B. M ; Kiasat, A. R ; Hashemi, M. M ; Sharif University of Technology
    An environmentally benign, aqueous synthesis of 1,2-azidoalcohols via regioselective ring opening of their epoxides using magnetic imidazolium based dicationic room temperature ionic liquid, [pbmim](FeCl4)2, as an efficient magnetic phase transfer catalyst in water has been described. The present approach offers the advantages of clean reaction, simple methodology, short reaction time, high yield, easy purification and reusable catalyst