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    1 مقاله Experimental investigation of turbulence specifications of 3-D density currents Firoozabadi, B. 2007 Turbulent flow.
    2 مقاله The influence of vertical deflection of the supports in modeling squeeze film damping in torsional micromirrors Moeenfard, H. Elsevier, 2012 Damping.
    3 پایان نامه طراحی، تحلیل و ساخت یاتاقان هوایی پوسته ای Design, Analysis and Manufacturing of Gas Foil Bearing مجیدی، محمد حسن Majidi, Mohammad Hassan صنعتی شریف 1393 یاتاقان هوا Air Bearing / معادله رینولدز Reynolds Equation / شبکه های فلزی Metallic Meshes / نظریه اویلر - برنولی Euler-Bernoulli Theory / یاتاقان آیرودینامیکی Aerodynamic Bearing / یاتاقان پوسته ای Foil Bearing / فویل بامپی Bump Foil 08-47019
    4 مقاله Coupled bending and torsion effects on the squeezed film air damping in torsional micromirrors Moeenfard, H. 2012 Damping.
    5 مقاله Numerical investigation of steady density currents flowing down an incline using v2̄ - F turbulence model Khakzad, N. 2007 Current density.
    6 مقاله 3-D modeling of particle laden density current Hormozi, S. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), 2006 Flow of fluids.
    7 مقاله Dynamics of multi layer microplates considering nonlinear squeeze film damping Ahmadian, M. T. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), 2006 Plates (structural components)
    8 پایان نامه بررسی پایداری و رفتار دینامیکی مجموعه روتور و نشت‌بند Dynamic Behavior and Stability Analysis of Rotor-Seal System آذرخش، پوریا Azarakhsh, Pooria صنعتی شریف 1398 دینامیک روتور Rotor Dynamics / معادله رینولدز Reynolds Equation / روش گالرکین Galerkin Method / پاسخ فرکانسی Frequency Response / پایداری روتور Rotor Stability / نشت بند گازی Tapered Gas Seal / روتور تیموشنکو Timoshenko Rotor 45-52818
    9 مقاله Modeling squeezed film air damping in torsional micromirrors using extended Kantorovich method Moeenfard, H. 2013 Damping.
    10 مقاله Analytical modeling of squeeze film damping in micromirrors Moeenfard, H. 2011 Damping.
    11 مقاله Experimental investigation of drag and lift forces on microparticles in low reynolds number poiseuille flow in microchannel Razaghi, R. Taylor and Francis Inc Drag.
    12 مقاله Transportation and Settling Distribution of Microparticles in Low-Reynolds-Number Poiseuille Flow in Microchannel Razaghi, R. Taylor and Francis Inc Microchannels.
    13 مقاله A numerical investigation on the dynamic stall of a wind turbine section using different turbulent models Ahmadi, A. 2009 Computer simulation.
    14 مقاله Sensitivity analysis of a heat exchanger tube fitted with cross-cut twisted tape with alternate axis Nakhchi, M. E. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), 2019 Heat transfer performance.
    15 مقاله Numerical study of heat transfer between shell-side fluid and shell wall in the spiral-wound heat exchangers Mostafazade Abolmaali, A. Elsevier Ltd, 2020 Heat exchangers.
    16 مقاله Application of piezoelectric and functionally graded materials in designing electrostatically actuated micro switches Hosseinzadeh, A. 2010 Functionally graded materials.
    17 مقاله Numerical simulation of vortex engine flow field: One phase and two phases Najafi, A. F. 2009 Two phase flow.