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1 کتاب Hybrid control and motion planning of dynamical legged locomotion / Nasser Sadati ... [et al.]. Wiley, 2012 Walking. TJ 211 .415 .H93 2012 کتابخانه مرکزی
2 مقاله Social robots as assistants for autism therapy in Iran: Research in progress Taheri, A. R. Human robot interaction.
3 مقاله Optimal control of multiple-arm robotic systems using gradient method Babazadeh, A. 2004 Force control.
4 مقاله Design and fabrication of a floating social robot: CeB the social blimp Etesami, E. Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2021 Fabrication.
5 مقاله Human–robot interaction in autism treatment: a case study on three pairs of autistic children as twins, siblings, and classmates Taheri, A. Springer Netherlands, 2018 Human robot interaction.
6 مقاله Design performance characteristics of a social robot companion "Arash" for pediatric hospitals Meghdari, A. World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte Ltd, 2018 Machine design.
7 مقاله A novel upper-limb rehabilitation robot with 4 DOFs: design and prototype Sepahi, S. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2019 Human robot interaction.
8 مقاله Robustness of A biped robot controller developed by human expertise extraction against changes in terrain Tabrizi, S. S. 2004 Robotics.
9 مقاله The effect of employing humanoid robots for teaching English on students' anxiety and attitude Alemi, M. Education.
10 مقاله Modelling, simulation and workspace analysis of a 3D cable based robot Hamedi, J. 2008 Three dimensional.
11 مقاله Conception and dynamic modeling of an assisted passive snake-like robot using Gibbs-Appell method Vossoughi, G. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2005 Mobile robots.
12 مقاله RoboCupRescue system and arian: A flexible infrastructure for multi-agent research and education Ahmadi, M. 2003 Fires.
13 مقاله Effect of utilizing a humanoid robot as a therapy-assistant in reducing anger, anxiety, and depression Alemi, M. Patient treatment.
14 مقاله Impact of a social humanoid robot as a therapy assistant in children cancer treatment Alemi, M. Economic and social effects.
15 مقاله Medical robotics: State-of-the-art applications and research challenges Mirbagheri, A. 2013 Robotics.
16 مقاله Morphological reconfiguration monitoring for homogeneous self-reconfigurable robots Macktoobian, M. Modular robots.
17 مقاله A computationally efficient algorithm to find time-optimal trajectory of redundantly actuated robots moving on a specified path Mansouri, S. Cambridge University Press, 2018 Robots.
18 مقاله Design and performance analysis of a transparent force control strategy for an exoskeleton Rashidi, A. Exoskeleton (Robotics)
19 مقاله Improvement of robot navigation using fuzzy method Nazari, M. 2013 Mobile robots.
20 مقاله Workspace analysis of a cable-suspended robot with active/passive cables Saber, O. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2013 Cables.