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    The influence of roll bonding parameters on the bond strength of Al-3003/Zn soldering sheets

    , Article Materials Science and Engineering A ; Volume 487, Issue 1-2 , 25 July , 2008 , Pages 417-423 ; 09215093 (ISSN) Movahedi, M ; Madaah Hosseini, H. R ; Kokabi, A. H ; Sharif University of Technology
    Al-3003/Zn bi-layer soldering sheets were produced using roll bonding process at different reductions in both cold and hot conditions. The bond strengths of the bi-layer sheets were measured by peel test before and after supplemental annealing treatment. The peeled surfaces were examined using optical and scanning electron microscopy. The results indicate that by increasing the reduction in thickness during rolling and/or the annealing treatment the bond strength improves. Additionally, the decrease of initial sheet thickness and increase of rolling temperature can effectively improve the bond strength. Microscopic examinations show that the fracture type of Al-3003/Zn sheets is... 

    The effects of annealing phenomena on the energy absorption of roll-bonded Al-steel sheets during wedge tearing

    , Article Materials Science and Engineering A ; Volume 527, Issue 27-28 , 2010 , Pages 7329-7333 ; 09215093 (ISSN) Beygi, R ; Kazeminezhad, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    The purpose of this paper is to investigate the effects of annealing phenomena on the energy absorption of Al-steel bilayer sheets, bonded by cold rolling, through wedge tearing. Tearing by wedge is a dissipating energy system that includes three components: cutting, friction and plastic deformation due to bending. In order to find the bonding and annealing effects on energy absorption, the non-bonded bilayer sheets are prepared in the same condition of bonded ones. The results show that energy absorption of bonded sheets is larger than that of non-bonded ones. This is due to different plastic bending moment of bonded and non-bonded bilayer sheets. Whenever the bond is improved by heat...