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    Rolling Contact Fatigue under Influence of Residual Stresses

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Masoudi Nejad, Reza (Author) ; Farahi, Gholamhossin (Supervisor)
    Rolling contact fatigue (RCF) phenomena is important in reducing the fatigue life and increasing the cost of maintenance. Accurate prediction of crack growth on wheels and the influence of residual stresses by FEM modeling can affect the maintenance planning. Therefore, investigation of rolling contact fatigue and its effect on rolling members life seem necessary. The first step to solve a rolling contact fatigue problem is the residual stress determination. In this research, wheel/rail contact is assumed. A bandage wheel with accurate geometry using finite element method is studied. For this purpose, a 3D elastic-plastic finite element model in ANSYS is conducted using model. The...