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    A scatter search algorithm for RCPSP with discounted weighted earliness-tardiness costs

    , Article Life Science Journal ; Volume 8, Issue 2 , 2011 , Pages 634-640 ; 10978135 (ISSN) Khalilzadeh, M ; Kianfar, F ; Ranjbar, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    In this paper, we study a resource-constrained project scheduling problem in which a set of project activities have due dates. If the finish time of each one of these activities is not equal to its due date, an earliness or a tardiness cost exists for each tardy or early period. The objective is to minimize the sum of discounted weighted earliness-tardiness penalty costs of these activities. Scatter Search algorithm is used to deal with this extended form of resource-constrained project scheduling problem. Our implementation of Scatter Search integrates the advanced methods such as dynamic updating of the reference set and the use of frequency-based memory within the diversification... 

    A hybrid scatter search for the discrete time/resource trade-off problem in project scheduling

    , Article European Journal of Operational Research ; Volume 193, Issue 1 , 2009 , Pages 35-48 ; 03772217 (ISSN) Ranjbar, M ; De Reyck, B ; Kianfar, F ; Sharif University of Technology
    We develop a heuristic procedure for solving the discrete time/resource trade-off problem in the field of project scheduling. In this problem, a project contains activities interrelated by finish-start-type precedence constraints with a time lag of zero, which require one or more constrained renewable resources. Each activity has a specified work content and can be performed in different modes, i.e. with different durations and resource requirements, as long as the required work content is met. The objective is to schedule each activity in one of its modes in order to minimize the project makespan. We use a scatter search algorithm to tackle this problem, using path relinking methodology as... 

    A hybrid scatter search for the partial job shop scheduling problem

    , Article International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology ; Volume 52, Issue 9-12 , February , 2011 , Pages 1031-1038 ; 02683768 (ISSN) Nasiri, M. M ; Kianfar, F ; Sharif University of Technology
    This paper presents a special case of the general shop called partial job shop problem. The partial job shop is a more realistic generalization of the mixed shop problem. The problem is formulated as a mixed integer programming model. A scatter search algorithm combined with tabu search and path relinking is used to tackle this problem with makespan criterion. The computational experiments are performed on some problem instances. The results are compared with a lower bound and the effectiveness of the algorithm is shown  

    A hybrid scatter search for the RCPSP

    , Article Scientia Iranica ; Volume 16, Issue 1 E , 2009 , Pages 11-18 ; 10263098 (ISSN) Ranjbar, M ; Kianfar, F ; Sharif University of Technology
    In this paper, a new hybrid metaheuristic algorithm based on the scatter search approach is developed to solve the well-known resource-constrained project scheduling problem. This algorithm combines two solutions from scatter search to build a set of precedence feasible activity lists and select some of them as children for the new population. We use the idea presented in the iN forward/backward improvement technique to define two types of schedule, direct and reverse, and the members of the sequential populations change alternately between these two types of schedule. Extensive computational tests were performed on standard benchmark datasets and the results are compared with the best...