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1 مقاله ECG denoising using modulus maxima of wavelet transform Ayat, M. Signal Processing, Computer-Assisted.
2 مقاله Model-based Bayesian filtering of cardiac contaminants from biomedical recordings Sameni, R. 2008 Magnetocardiography.
3 مقاله Manifold learning for ECG arrhythmia recognition Lashgari, E. IEEE Computer Society, 2013 Electrocardiography.
4 مقاله Application of a dissimilarity index of EEG and its sub-bands on prediction of induced epileptic seizures from rat's EEG signals Niknazar, M. 2012 Rattus.
5 مقاله Detection of fast ripples using Hidden Markov Model Nazarimehr, F. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2014 Signal detection.
6 مقاله Classification of asthma based on nonlinear analysis of breathing pattern Raoufy, M. R. Public Library of Science, 2016 Sensitivity and specificity.
7 مقاله Fetal R-wave detection from multichannel abdominal ECG recordings in low SNR Kharabian, S. Reproducibility of results.
8 مقاله MEG based classification of wrist movement Montazeri, N. Wrist joint.
9 مقاله COVID-19 diagnosis using capsule network and fuzzy c -means and mayfly optimization algorithm Farki, A. Hindawi Limited, 2021 X-Rays.
10 مقاله 1H NMR based metabolic profiling in Crohn's disease by random forest methodology Fathi, F. Zinc.
11 مقاله Metabonomics based NMR in Crohn's disease applying PLS-DA Fathi, F. 2013 Sensitivity and specificity.
12 مقاله A unified approach for detection of induced epileptic seizures in rats using ECoG signals Niknazar, M. 2013 Signal Processing, Computer-Assisted.
13 مقاله Automatic segmentation of brain MRI in high-dimensional local and non-local feature space based on sparse representation Khalilzadeh, M. M. 2013 Sensitivity and Specificity.
14 مقاله Adaptive sparse representation for MRI noise removal Khalilzadeh, M. M. World Scientific, 2012 Simulation.
15 مقاله Diagnosing anterior cruciate ligament injuries using a knee arthrometer: Design, fabrication, and clinical evaluation Soudbakhsh, D. 2011 Test retest reliability.
16 مقاله Switching kalman filter based methods for apnea bradycardia detection from ECG signals Ghahjaverestan, N. M. Sensitivity and specificity.
17 مقاله Visual acuity classification using single trial visual evoked potentials Hajipour, S. Female.
18 مقاله Optical radiomic signatures derived from optical coherence tomography images improve identification of melanoma Turani, Z. American Association for Cancer Research Inc, 2019 Tomography, Optical Coherence.
19 مقاله AntAngioCOOL: computational detection of anti-angiogenic peptides Zahiri, J. BioMed Central Ltd, 2019 Computational Biology.
20 مقاله Automated detection of autism spectrum disorder using a convolutional neural network Sherkatghanad, Z. Frontiers Media S.A, 2020 Supramarginal gyrus.