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1 مقاله A new efficient PNLMS based algorithm for adaptive line echo cancellation Maleki, A. IEEE Computer Society, 2003 Echo suppression.
2 مقاله A dynamical model for generating synthetic phonocardiogram signals Almasi, A. Ordinary differential equations.
3 مقاله Traffic improvements in wireless communication networks using antenna arrays Razavilar, J. IEEE, 2000 Traffic control.
4 مقاله Fetal electrocardiogram R-peak detection using robust tensor decomposition and extended Kalman filtering Akhbari, M. 2013 Ostetrics.
5 مقاله Steganography in silence intervals of speech Shirali Shahreza, S. 2008 Speech.
6 مقاله A new synonym text steganography Shirali Shahreza, M. H. 2008 Cryptography.
7 مقاله Using and evaluating new confidence measures in word-based isolated word recognizers Vaisipour, S. 2007 Optical properties.
8 مقاله Iterative least squares algorithm for inverse problem in MicroWave medical imaging Azghani, M. European Signal Processing Conference, EUSIPCO, 2016 Inverse problems.
9 مقاله Applications of sparse signal processing Azghani, M. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2017 Signal processing.
10 پایان نامه سنجش فشرده ویدیو بر پایه یادگیری عمیق Compressed Video Sensing Using Deep Learning انصاریان نژاد، والیه Ansarian Nezhad, Valiyeh صنعتی شریف 1400 سنجش فشرده ویدیویی Compressed Video Sensing / پردازش سیگنال ویدیویی Video Signal Processing / یادگیری ژرف Deep Learning / حسگری فشرده Compressive Sensing / پردازش سیگنال تنک Sparse Signal Processing 05-54427
11 مقاله Spectral distribution of the exponentially windowed sample covariance matrix Yazdian, E. IEEE, 2012 Signal processing.
12 مقاله Error correction via smoothed L0-norm recovery Ashkiani, S. 2011 Algorithms.
13 مقاله Robust detection of premature ventricular contractions using a wave-based Bayesian framework Sayadi, O. 2010 Ventricular Premature Complexes.
14 مقاله ECG denoising using modulus maxima of wavelet transform Ayat, M. Signal Processing, Computer-Assisted.
15 مقاله Analog optical computing by half-wavelength slabs Zangeneh Nejad, F. Elsevier B.V, 2018 Graphene.
16 مقاله Speech accent profiles: Modeling and synthesis Vaseghi, S. 2009 Hidden Markov models.
17 مقاله Submodularity in action: from machine learning to signal processing applications Tohidi, E. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2020 Signal processing.
18 مقاله Content-based video coding for distance learning Bagheri, M. 2007 Distance education.
19 مقاله High rate data hiding in speech signal Jahangiri, E. 2007 Cryptography.
20 مقاله Source estimation in noisy sparse component analysis Zayyani, H. 2007 Digital signal processing.