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1 مقاله Analyzing mixing quality in a curved centrifugal micromixer through numerical simulation Shamloo, A. Elsevier B.V Mixing.
2 مقاله Analyzing mixing quality in a curved centrifugal micromixer through numerical simulation Shamloo, A. Elsevier B.V, 2017 Mixing.
3 مقاله Preparation and characterization of nanocrystalline misch-metal-substituted yttrium iron garnet powder by the sol-gel combustion process Hosseini Vajargah, S. 2008 Nanocrystalline materials.
4 مقاله Development of a structured monolithic support with a CNT washcoat for the naphtha HDS process Soghrati, E. Catalyst activity.
5 مقاله Investigation on cristobalite crystallization in silica-based ceramic cores for investment casting Kazemi, A. 2013 Silicate minerals.
6 مقاله Numerical simulation of centrifugal serpentine micromixers and analyzing mixing quality parameters Shamloo, A. Elsevier, B.V, 2016 Mixing.
7 مقاله Inertial particle focusing in serpentine channels on a centrifugal platform Shamloo, A. American Institute of Physics Inc, 2018 Angular velocity.
8 مقاله Optimization of a serpentine model for low-dispersion flows in micro channel turns Fathollahi, E. 2009 Finite element method.
9 مقاله Applying the Taguchi method to develop an optimized synthesis procedure for nanocrystals of T-type zeolite Tehrani Matin, K. 2009 Synthesis (chemical)
10 مقاله Preparation of mullite-TiB2-CNTs hybrid composite through spark plasma sintering Orooji, Y. Elsevier Ltd, 2019 Titanium compounds.
11 مقاله A new non-dimensional parameter to obtain the minimum mixing length in tree-like concentration gradient generators Rismanian, M. Elsevier Ltd, 2019 Mixing.
12 مقاله Determining an optimum catalyst for liquid-phase dehydration of methanol to dimethyl ether Khandan, N. 2008 Zeolites.
13 مقاله Comparison of two methods of iridium impregnation into HZSM-5 in the methanol to propylene reaction Papari, S. 2011 Propylene.
14 مقاله Semi-IPN carrageenan-based nanocomposite hydrogels: Synthesis and swelling behavior Mahdavinia, G. R. 2010 Hydrogels.
15 مقاله Equilibrium modeling of xylene adsorption on molecular sieves Tourani, S. 2010 Xylene.
16 مقاله The study of prepration of blue V zircon pigment by using zircon and sulphuric acid Riahi, M. 2010 Zirconia.
17 مقاله Effects of nucleation agent particle size on properties, crystallisation and microstructure of glass-ceramics in TiO2-ZrO2-Li 2O-CaO- Al2O3-SiO2 system Nemati, A. 2010 Lithium.
18 مقاله Synthesis of polypropylene/clay nanocomposites using bisupported Ziegler-Natta catalyst Ramazani, S. A. A. Polypropylene.
19 مقاله Modeling of catalyst deactivation in zeolite-catalyzed alkylation of isobutane with 2-butene Hamzehlouyan, T. Catalyst deactivation.
20 مقاله Newtonian and generalized Newtonian reacting flows in serpentine microchannels: pressure driven and centrifugal microfluidics Madadelahi, M. Elsevier B.V, 2018 Microchannels.