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1 مقاله Design and modeling of a semiconductor laser by employing silicon carbide polymers (6H-SiC, 3C-SiC and 4H-SiC) Marjani, S. 2012 Silicon carbide polymers.
2 مقاله Analysis and design of semiconductor laser with silicon carbide polymers (6H-SiC and 3C-SiC) Marjani, S. 2011 Silicon carbide polymers.
3 مقاله Topology specialization for networks-on-chip in the dark silicon era Modarressi, M. Academic Press Inc, 2018 Topology.
4 مقاله Modified antisolvent method for improving the performance and stability of triple-cation perovskite solar cells Samadpour, M. American Chemical Society, 2021 Electrochemical cells.
5 مقاله A DFT study of carbon monoxide adsorption on a Si4 nano-cluster Nahali, M. 2009 Density functional theory.
6 مقاله Morphological features of silicon rich phase in powder thixoformed spray atomized hyper-eutectic Al-Si alloy Kiani, M. Trans Tech Publications Ltd, 2008 Silicon alloys.
7 مقاله Effect of nanoparticle content on the microstructural and mechanical properties of nano-SiC dispersed bulk ultrafine-grained Cu matrix composites [electronic resource] / M. R. Akbarpour, E. Salahi, F. Alikhani Hesari, H. S. Kim and A. Simchi. Akbarpour, M. R. Powder metallurgy.
8 مقاله Validity and size-dependency of cauchy–born hypothesis with Tersoff potential in silicon nano-structures Khoei, A. R. (Amir Reza). Silicon nano-structure.
9 مقاله A temperature-related boundary Cauchy-Born method for multi-scale modeling of silicon nano-structures Khoei, A. R. Tersoff potential.
10 مقاله Analysis of the various elements of heat sources in silicon carbide polymers (6H-SiC and 3C-SiC) semiconductor laser Marjani, S. 2012 Silicon carbide polymers.
11 مقاله Growth of ZNO nanostructures on porous silicon and oxidized porous silicon substrates Rajabi, M. ZnO.
12 مقاله Molecular dynamics study of the thermal expansion coefficient of silicon Nejat Pishkenari, H. Elsevier, B. V, 2016 Thermal expansion coefficient.
13 مقاله Revisiting processor allocation and application mapping in future CMPs in dark silicon era Hoveida, M. Academic Press Inc, 2018 Processor allocation.
14 مقاله Computational investigation of gas detection and selectivity on TiS3 nanoflakes supported by experimental evidence Aryanpour, M. Royal Society of Chemistry, 2018 Titanium.
15 مقاله The effect of oxidation of macroporous silicon on carbon nanotubes growth by TCVD method Mortazavi, S. Z. 2007 Thermal chemical vapor deposition.
16 مقاله Palladium plating on macroporous/microporous silicon: application as a hydrogen sensor Rahimi, F. 2007 Palladium.
17 مقاله Simultaneous optimization and simulation of a-Si1-xC x layers on n-type silicon solar cells Vesaghi, M. A. 2005 Silicon solar cells.
18 پایان نامه ساخت نانوذرات سیلیکن از سیلیکن متخلخل جهت به کارگیری در دیودهای نورتاب Formation of Silicon Nanoparticles From Porous Silicon for LED Application معینی ریزی، منصوره Moeini Rizi, Mansoure صنعتی شریف 1388 سیلیکون متخلخل Porous Silicon / رخشانی Luminescence / نانوذرات سیلیسیم Silicon Nanoparticles / دیودهای نورتاب ترکیبی Hybridlight Emitting Diodes 04-40345
19 مقاله Comparison between electron-beam and chemical crosslinking of silicone rubber Frounchi, M. 2006 Electron beams.
20 مقاله Study and production of silicone rubber and polyethylene alloy Tavakkoli, H. 2011 Thermoplastics.