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1 مقاله Simulation of surface roughness on the flow pattern in the casting process Mirbagheri, S. M. H. Elsevier Ltd, 2004 Simulation.
2 مقاله Adsorption onto zeolites: molecular perspective Salmankhani, A. Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2021 Molecular dynamics simulation.
3 مقاله Speedup analysis in simulation-emulation co-operation Miremadi, S. G. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2002 Speedup Analysis.
4 مقاله Understanding the nanoparticle-protein corona complexes using computational and experimental methods Kharazian, B. Elsevier Ltd Simulation.
5 مقاله Improving a computer networks course using the Partov simulation engine Momeni, B. Teaching.
6 مقاله XMulator: A listener-based integrated simulation platform for interconnection networks Nayebi, A. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2007 Simulators.
7 مقاله Model reference adaptive control design for a ducted fan air vehicle in vertical plane Fadaeian, E. 2012 Flight simulators.
8 مقاله Investigation of reinforced sic particles percentage on machining force of metal matrix composite Fathipour, M. MAS, 2012 Simulation.
9 مقاله Static and dynamic neural networks for simulation and optimization of cogeneration systems Zomorodian, R. 2011 Simulation.
10 مقاله Point to point continuum percolation in two dimensions Sadeghnejad, S. Institute of Physics Publishing, 2016 Percolation problems.
11 مقاله Robust simulation optimization using φ-divergence Moghaddam, S. Growing Science φ-divergence.
12 مقاله A system dynamics approach to the seismic resilience enhancement of hospitals Khanmohammadi, S. Elsevier Ltd, 2018 System dynamics.
13 مقاله Simulation of water purification using magnetically ultra-responsive micro- and nanoscavengers Asghari, E. Elsevier Ltd, 2018 Water purification.
14 مقاله Effect of copper content on tensile mechanical properties of ternary NiTiCu alloy nanowire: molecular dynamics simulation Fazeli, S. Elsevier Ltd, 2018 NiTiCu.
15 مقاله A hardwired discrete simulation algorithm Nojumi, M. H. Sharif University of Technology, 2007 Performance assessment.
16 مقاله A Monte Carlo simulation of nutrient diffusion and reaction in immobilized cell systems Yari, B. 2006 Nutrient transport.
17 مقاله Photocatalytic conversion of methane into methanol over the MoO 3(010) surface using a simulation method Moshfegh, A. Z. 2004 Simulation.
18 مقاله The kinetic study of H2S formation and desorption on the S/Pt(111) surface by computer simulation Moshfegh, A. Z. 2003 TPD.
19 مقاله Linearized and non-linear acoustic/viscous splitting techniques for low Mach number flows Farshchi, M. 2003 Numerical simulation.
20 مقاله PWR fuel management optimization using neural networks Sadighi, M. 2002 Nuclear fuels.