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    Endurance time method in the linear seismic analysis of shell structures

    , Article International Journal of Civil Engineering ; Volume 10, Issue 3 , 2012 , Pages 169-178 ; 17350522 (ISSN) Tavazo, H ; Estekanchi, H. E ; Kaldi, P ; Sharif University of Technology
    IJCE  2012
    Endurance Time (ET) method is a response history based analysis procedure that can be used for estimating the seismic response of structures at different excitation levels in each response history. This seismic analysis method utilizes specific intensifying acceleration functions to analyze seismic behaviors. One of the potential applications of the ET method is in the seismic assessment of shell structures. In this study, a procedure for linear seismic analysis of shell structures is proposed and applications of this method is investigated for several cases of shell structures. These structures are analyzed under three ET acceleration functions in one direction and the results are compared... 

    Fuzzy descriptor systems and spectral analysis for chaotic time series prediction

    , Article Neural Computing and Applications ; Volume 18, Issue 8 , 2009 , Pages 991-1004 ; 09410643 (ISSN) Mirmomeni, M ; Lucas, C ; Shafiee, M ; Nadjar Araabi, B ; Kamaliha, E ; Sharif University of Technology
    Predicting future behavior of chaotic time series and systems is a challenging area in the literature of nonlinear systems. The prediction accuracy of chaotic time series is extremely dependent on the model and the learning algorithm. In addition, the generalization property of the proposed models trained by limited observations is of great importance. In the past two decades, singular or descriptor systems and related fuzzy descriptor models have been the subjects of interest due to their many practical applications in modeling complex phenomena. In this study fuzzy descriptor models, as a more recent neurofuzzy realization of locally linear descriptor systems, which have led to the... 

    Production of zinc oxide nanoparticles by liquid phase processing: An investigation on optical properties

    , Article 2nd International Conference on Diffusion in Solids and Liquids, DSL-2006, Aveiro, 26 July 2006 through 28 July 2006 ; Volume 553 , 2007 , Pages 252-256 ; 02555476 (ISSN); 0878494383 (ISBN); 9780878494385 (ISBN) Vafaee, M ; Youzbashizade, H ; Sharif University of Technology
    Trans Tech Publications Ltd  2007
    In the recent years, many researchers have been interested in nanoparticles because of their unique properties. In this study, a method for producing ZnO nanoparticle colloids is proposed. The colloids were characterized by spectroscopic analyzer. By absorption spectrum study, we found out that colloids were consisted of nanoparticles with less than 10 nanometer size. The quantum confinement effect in these spectrums was recognized through blue shift of onset absorption wavelengths. These wavelengths shift from 370 nm to 340 nm by decreasing the particles size. Transmittion electron micrographs showed formation of zinc oxide nanoparticles  

    SGSD: A novel Sequential Gamma-ray Spectrum Deconvolution algorithm

    , Article Annals of Nuclear Energy ; Volume 132 , 2019 , Pages 369-380 ; 03064549 (ISSN) Shahabinejad, H ; Vosoughi, N ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Ltd  2019
    A novel approach for analyzing complex gamma-ray spectra using a sequential algorithm is introduced. The developed Sequential Gamma-ray Spectrum Deconvolution (SGSD)algorithm produces a sequence of spectra converging to the best estimation of output spectrum of a gamma-ray detector. In each point of sequence, an isotope of unknown gamma-ray source is identified and the respective response of the detector to unknown source is reconstructed. Effectiveness of the developed algorithm is demonstrated by two empirical and simulation studies. In the case of empirical study, a number of recorded gamma-ray spectra related to a mixed gamma-ray source including different combinations of 5 isotopes... 

    Raman active jagged-shaped gold-coated magnetic particles as a novel multimodal nanoprobe

    , Article Chemical Communications ; Volume 47, Issue 37 , Aug , 2011 , Pages 10404-10406 ; 13597345 (ISSN) Mahmoudi, M ; Amiri, H ; Shokrgozar, M. A ; Sasanpour, P ; Rashidian, B ; Laurent, S ; Casula, M. F ; Lascialfari, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    The creation of novel engineered multimodal nanoparticles (NPs) is a key focus in bionanotechnology and can lead to deep understanding of biological processes at the molecular level. Here, we present a multi-component system made of gold-coupled core-shell SPIONs, as a new nanoprobe with signal enhancement in surface Raman spectroscopy, due to its jagged-shaped gold shell coating  

    Efficient cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks

    , Article 18th Annual IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications, PIMRC'07, Athens, 3 September 2007 through 7 September 2007 ; December , 2007 ; 1424411440 (ISBN); 9781424411443 (ISBN) Taherpour, A ; Nasiri Kenari, M ; Jamshidi, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Rcent measurements suggest the possibility of sharing spectrum among different parties subject to interference-protection constraints. In order to enable access to an unused licensed spectrum, a secondary user has to monitor licensed bands and opportunistically transmit whenever no primary signal is detected. In this paper, we study spectrum-sharing between a primary licensee and a group of secondary users. The structure of an asymptotically optimum detector based on the measurements of all secondary users is derived and the effect of the quantization error in such a system is evaluated. The results show the superiority of the proposed detector to other schemes. © 2007 IEEE  

    An improved algorithm for heart Rate tracking during physical exercise using simultaneous wrist-type photoplethysmographic (PPG) and acceleration signals

    , Article 2016 23rd Iranian Conference on Biomedical Engineering and 2016 1st International Iranian Conference on Biomedical Engineering, ICBME 2016, 23 November 2016 through 25 November 2016 ; 2017 , Pages 146-149 ; 9781509034529 (ISBN) Boloursaz Mashhadi, M ; Essalat, M ; Ahmadi, M ; Marvasti, F ; Sharif University of Technology
    Causal Heart Rate (HR) monitoring using photoplethysmographic (PPG) signals recorded from wrist during physical exercise is a challenging task because the PPG signals in this scenario are highly contaminated by artifacts caused by hand movements of the subject. This paper proposes a novel algorithm for this problem, which consists of two main blocks of Noise Suppression and Peak Selection. The Noise Suppression block removes Motion Artifacts (MAs) from the PPG signals utilizing simultaneously recorded 3D acceleration data. The Peak Selection block applies some decision mechanisms to correctly select the spectral peak corresponding to HR in PPG spectra. Experimental results on benchmark... 

    Experimental design in analytical chemistry - Part II: Applications

    , Article Journal of AOAC International ; Vol. 97, issue. 1 , 2014 , p. 12-18 Ebrahimi-Najafabadi, H ; Leardi, R ; Jalali-Heravi, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    This paper reviews the applications of experimental design to optimize some analytical chemistry techniques such as extraction, chromatography separation, capillary electrophoresis, spectroscopy, and electroanalytical methods  

    New efficient window function, replacement for the Hamming window

    , Article IET Signal Processing ; Volume 5, Issue 5 , 2011 , Pages 499-505 ; 17519675 (ISSN) Mottaghi Kashtiban, M ; Shayesteh, M. G ; Sharif University of Technology
    A new simple window function is presented, which for the same window order (M), has a main-lobe width less than or equal to that of the Hamming window, while offering about 2-4.5 dB smaller peak side-lobe amplitude. Furthermore, just like the Hamming window, it is computationally efficient for signal spectrum analysis; this is because of the fact that, the sum of window coefficients with its shifted version by M/2 samples (i.e. 50% overlap) is constant for the overlapped region. The new window is obtained by adding the third harmonic of the cosine function to the Hamming window, and finding the appropriate amplitudes of DC term, cosine function, and its third harmonic to minimise the peak... 

    Dynamic-based pushover analysis for one-way plan-asymmetric buildings

    , Article Engineering Structures ; Volume 163 , 2018 , Pages 332-346 ; 01410296 (ISSN) Rahimzadeh Rofooei, F ; Mirjalili, M. R ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Ltd  2018
    A simple Dynamic-based Pushover analysis for Plan Asymmetric buildings (DPPA) is proposed with the aim of properly considering the effects of torsional behavior as well as the higher modes in the applied lateral load pattern. According to the proposed method, the peak story drifts obtained from the response spectrum analysis (RSA) can be resolved into their translational and rotational components, and the related equivalent static lateral forces and torsional moments can be calculated. Consequently, for accurate estimation of the maximum drift demands of plan-asymmetric buildings, it is proposed that the drift responses obtained from the RSA for the stiff and flexible edges of the building... 

    Investigation of continuous-time quantum walk by using Krylov subspace-Lanczos algorithm

    , Article European Physical Journal B ; Volume 59, Issue 2 , 2007 , Pages 199-216 ; 14346028 (ISSN) Jafarizadeh, M. A ; Sufiani, R ; Salimi, S ; Jafarizadeh, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    In papers [Jafarizadehn and Salimi, Ann. Phys. 322, 1005 (2007) and J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 39, 13295 (2006)], the amplitudes of continuous-time quantum walk (CTQW) on graphs possessing quantum decomposition (QD graphs) have been calculated by a new method based on spectral distribution associated with their adjacency matrix. Here in this paper, it is shown that the CTQW on any arbitrary graph can be investigated by spectral analysis method, simply by using Krylov subspace-Lanczos algorithm to generate orthonormal bases of Hilbert space of quantum walk isomorphic to orthogonal polynomials. Also new type of graphs possessing generalized quantum decomposition (GQD) have been introduced, where... 

    Performance analysis of spectral-phase-encoded optical CDMA system using two-photon-absorption receiver structure for asynchronous and slot-level synchronous transmitters

    , Article Journal of Lightwave Technology ; Volume 25, Issue 6 , 2007 , Pages 1638-1645 ; 07338724 (ISSN) Jamshidi, K ; Salehi, J. A ; Sharif University of Technology
    In this paper, we analyze the performance of a nonlinear two-photon-absorption (TPA) receiver and compare its performance with that of a single-photon-absorption (SPA) receiver in the context of spectral-phase-encoded optical code-division multiple access (CDMA) technique. The performances for the above systems are evaluated for two different transmission scenarios, namely, asynchronous and slot-level synchronous transmitters. Performance evaluation includes different sources of degradation such as multiple-access interference, noise due to optical amplification, shot noise, and thermal noise. In obtaining the performance, the mean and variance of the received signal in each of the above... 

    Performance analysis of per tone equalization in DMT-based systems

    , Article Scientia Iranica ; Volume 13, Issue 4 , 2006 , Pages 355-363 ; 10263098 (ISSN) Changiz Rezaei, S. S ; Pakravan, M. R ; Sharif University of Technology
    Sharif University of Technology  2006
    The Per Tone equalization algorithm is a novel discrete multitone (DMT) equalization method with practical applications in subscriber digital loop systems. Unlike time domain DMT equalizers (TEQ), which equalize all DMT tones in a combined fashion, the Per Tone equalizer equalizes each tone separately. In this paper, the performance and complexity of this technique is investigated and compared with that of other TEQs. Furthermore, the behavior of this technique in different simulation conditions, such as over different standard CSA loops and in the presence of additive white Gaussian noise with variable power spectral density level and near end crosstalk (NEXT), is studied and compared with... 

    Two-dimensional numerical solution of steady withdrawal from the lens of freshwater in a tropical island

    , Article 2006 2nd ASME Joint U.S.-European Fluids Engineering Summer Meeting, FEDSM 2006, Miami, FL, 17 July 2006 through 20 July 2006 ; Volume 2006 , 2006 ; 0791837831 (ISBN); 9780791837832 (ISBN) Jabbari, E ; Haji Mohammadi, M ; Saeedpanah, I ; Sharif University of Technology
    The work presented here is a study of the steady withdrawal of water from the lens of freshwater situated above the ocean's salt water and within the island. It is the aim of this paper to investigate the process of withdrawal from the lens of freshwater with a view to establishing the critical flow values for withdrawal and the effects of sink location and density differences on these values, and also to determine the effects of relative density differences. Steady solutions are found for the shape of the interface between salt and freshwater beneath a tropical island. A Green_s function approach is used and proves to be much more robust than spectral methods. Computations of the surface... 

    Analysis and simulation of ring resonator silicon electro-optic modulators based on PN junction in reverse bias

    , Article Optical Engineering ; Vol. 53, issue. 12 , 2014 ; ISSN: 00913286 Jafari, O ; Akbari, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    The theory of silicon optical modulators of ring resonators based on PN diode in reverse bias is primarily discussed. It secondarily provides a full-featured simulator to investigate the behavior of such modulators. Wave equation for ring structure will be solved by using the conformal transformation method and the matrix method as it was used to analyze bent planar optical waveguides. Power coupling between ring and straight waveguides will be calculated by coupled theory of nonparallel waveguides based on experimental results. The time response demonstrates the capability of this device to operate correctly at up to 10 Gbs-1 bitrate, and the frequency spectrum analysis of device shows a >... 

    Recursive spectral analysis of natural time series based on eigenvector matrix perturbation for online applications

    , Article IET Signal Processing ; Volume 5, Issue 6 , 2011 , Pages 515-526 ; 17519675 (ISSN) Mirmomeni, M ; Lucas, C ; Araabi, B. N ; Moshiri, B ; Bidar, M. R ; Sharif University of Technology
    Singular spectrum analysis (SSA) is a well-studied approach in signal processing. SSA has originally been designed to extract information from short noisy chaotic time series and to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio. SSA is good for offline applications; however, many applications, such as modelling, analysis, and prediction of time-varying and non-stationary time series, demand for online analysis. This study introduces a recursive algorithm called recursive SSA as a modification to regular SSA for dynamic and online applications. The proposed method is based on eigenvector matrix perturbation approach. After recursively calculating the covariance matrix of the trajectory matrix, R-SSA... 

    Analysis of complex gamma-ray spectra using particle swarm optimization

    , Article Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment ; Volume 911 , 2018 , Pages 123-130 ; 01689002 (ISSN) Shahabinejad, H ; Vosoughi, N ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier B.V  2018
    Analysis of gamma-ray spectra is an important step for identification and quantification of radionuclides in a sample. In this paper a new gamma-ray spectra analysis algorithm based on Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is developed to identify different isotopes of a mixed gamma-ray source and determine their fractional abundances. PSO is an iterative algorithm that imitates the social behaviors observed in nature to solve complex optimization problems. The PSO method is used for complex fitting to the response of a 3 [Formula presented] 3 inch NaI (Tl) scintillation detector and the fitting process is controlled by a test for significance of abundance and computation of Theil coefficient.... 

    Fast fourier transform based NDT approach for depth detection of hidden defects using HTS rf-SQUID

    , Article IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity ; Volume 28, Issue 7 , 2018 ; 10518223 (ISSN) Rostami, B ; Shanehsazzadeh, F ; Fardmanesh, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    We present a new approach for depth detection of hidden defects based on the analysis of the frequency spectrum of the output waveform in a nondestructive testing (NDT) system. In our eddy current Superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) based NDT system, we apply multiple frequencies to its single excitation coil in a magnetically unshielded environment. The excitation coil is a planar D-shaped printed circuit board coil, and a high-Tc gradiometer YBCO rf-SQUID is used as the electromagnetic sensor in this system. An automated two-dimensional nonmagnetic scanning robot is used to test samples with intentional defects at different depths. In this approach, a diagram labeled 'FFT... 

    Collapse risk and earthquake-induced loss assessment of buildings with eccentrically braced frames

    , Article Journal of Constructional Steel Research ; Volume 168 , May , 2020 Moammer, O ; Madani, H. M ; Dolatshahi, K. M ; Ghyabi, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Ltd  2020
    In this paper, earthquake-induced economic loss of buildings with the eccentrically braced frame as the lateral load resisting system is investigated. Economic loss in this paper includes collapse loss, demolition loss, and structural and nonstructural repair loss. A simplified probabilistic story-based loss estimation procedure is employed for this purpose. A thorough study is conducted on the verification of shear link response with experimental results as shear link is the main source of nonlinearity in eccentrically braced frames. Nonlinear response history analyses are conducted on four, eight and sixteen story prototype models and engineering demand parameters such as story drift... 

    Feasibility Study of Using the Elemental Analysis of Prompt Gamma Spectrum to Improve the Treatment Planning in Hadron Therapy

    , Ph.D. Dissertation Sharif University of Technology Saheli, Fereshte (Author) ; Vosoughi, Naser (Supervisor) ; Riazi, Zafar (Supervisor) ; Rasouli, Fateme (Co-Supervisor)
    Hadron therapy is one of the cancer treatment methods using the targeted dose distributhion. In hadron therapy, the prompt gamma is produced from excited nucleas of target in the following of non-elastic nuclear interactions between the target and the incident proton within few nano-seconds and with energy less than 10 MeV. The excited energy level depends on incident particle energy and the target materials. Since the Spatial distribution of prompt gamma rays depends on incident particles energy, it can be useful for determinding the incident particle range. Also, the prompt gamma energy spectrum of each element is an individual feature, thereby targets with different composition of...