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    Application of fast-SAGD in naturally fractured heavy oil reservoirs: A case study

    , Article SPE Middle East Oil and Gas Show and Conference, MEOS, Proceedings, Manama ; Volume 3 , March , 2013 , Pages 1946-1953 ; 9781627482851 (ISBN) Hemmati Sarapardeh, A ; Hashemi Kiasari, H ; Alizadeh, N ; Mighani, S ; Kamari, A ; Baker Hughes ; Sharif University of Technology
    Steam injection process has been considered for a long time as an effective method to exploit heavy oil resources. Over the last decades, Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) has been proved as one of the best steam injection methods for recovery of unconventional oil resources. Recently, Fast-SAGD, a modification of the SAGD process, makes use of additional single horizontal wells alongside the SAGD well pair to expand the steam chamber laterally. This method uses fewer wells and reduces the operational cost compared to a SAGD operation requiring paired parallel wells one above the other. The efficiency of this new method in naturally fractured reservoir is not well understood.... 

    Comparing different scenarios for thermal enhanced oil recovery in fractured reservoirs using hybrid solar-gas steam generators, a simulation study

    , Article Society of Petroleum Engineers - SPE Europec Featured at 78th EAGE Conference and Exhibition, 30 May 2016 through 2 June 2016 ; 2016 ; 9781613994573 (ISBN) Mirzaie Yegane, M ; Bashtani, F ; Tahmasebi, A ; Ayatollahi, S ; Al Wahaibi, Y. M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Society of Petroleum Engineers  2016
    The application of the renewable energy sources, especially solar energy, for thermal enhanced oil recovery methods as an economical and environmental valuable technique has received many attractions recently. Concentrated Solar Power systems are capable of producing substantial quantities of steam by means of focused sunlight as the heat source for steam generation. This paper aims to investigate viability of using this innovative technology in fractured reservoirs to generate steam instead of using conventional steam generators. A synthetic fractured reservoir with properties similar to those of giant carbonate oil reserves in the Middle East was designed by using commercial thermal...