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1 مقاله Microstructural characteristics of a cast IN718 superalloy bonded by isothermal solidification Pouranvari, M. 2013 Strength.
2 مقاله Improvement in Mechanical Properties of Microalloyed Steel 30MSV6 by a Precipitation Hardening Process Hajisafari, M. 2013 Strength.
3 مقاله Synthesis and microstructural properties of a geopolymer cement with high silica materials Asadi, M. JCPR, 2012 Microstructure.
4 مقاله Effects of drying temperature and aggregate shape on the concrete compressive strength: Experiments and data mining techniques Reza Kashyzadeh, K. Materials and Energy Research Center, 2020 Temperature.
5 مقاله The effect of water-cement ratio in compressive and abrasion strength of the nano silica concretes Shamsai, A. 2012 Water-cement ratio.
6 مقاله Examining the level and strength of technology in the industries of the country iran by using escap model and introducing solutions for developing technology Rahmani, K. 2010 The models for examining the level and strength of technology.
7 مقاله Mechanical performance of self-compacting concrete reinforced with steel fibers Khaloo, A. Tensile strength.
8 مقاله Shear capacity of C-shaped and L-shaped angle shear connectors Tahmasbi, F. Public Library of Science Tensile strength.
9 مقاله Bond strength and mechanical properties of three-layered St/AZ31/St composite fabricated by roll bonding Abedi, R. 2015 Roll bonding.
10 مقاله Mechanical and microstructural investigation of friction stir processed Al1100 Nasiri, A. M. Mechanical properties.
11 مقاله Contribution of steel fiber as reinforcement to the properties of cement-based concrete: a review Najigivi, A. Steel fibers.
12 مقاله Effects of sulphuric acid pollutant on the shear behaviour and strength of sandy soil and sand mixed with bentonite clay Hassanlourad, M. Taylor and Francis Ltd, 2017 Triaxial test.
13 مقاله A study on the effects bonding temperature and holding time on mechanical and metallurgical properties of al–cu dissimilar joining by DFW Safarzadeh, A. Springer India, 2017 Shear strength.
14 مقاله Effect of Nano-Tio2 additions on the densification and properties of magnesite–dolomite ceramic composites Ghasemi Kahrizsangi, S. Springer International Publishing, 2018 Refractory.
15 مقاله Effects of size and shape on elastic constants of graphene sheet Azimi Resketi, N. Elsevier Ltd, 2018 Strength.
16 مقاله Enhancement of brick-mortar shear bond strength using environmental friendly mortars Azimi Resketi, N. Elsevier Ltd, 2019 Bond strength (materials)
17 مقاله Effect of geometry on the fixation strength of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using BASHTI technique Moeinnia, H. Georg Thieme Verlag, 2020 Geometrical parameters.
18 مقاله A new method for computation the success probability of coverage for switch unit in the switching systems Yaghoubi, A. Materials and Energy Research Center, 2020 Switching Systems.
19 مقاله Steel web panel influence on seismic behavior of proposed precast RCS connections Bakhtiari Doost, R. Elsevier Ltd, 2021 Prefabricated RCS joints.
20 پایان نامه بررسی تجربی بر روی خواص مکانیکی ملات سیمان حاوی نانو آلومینا و نانوسیلیکا Experimental Studies on Mechanical Properties of Cement Mortar Including Nano Alumina and Nano Silica جعفری رحمت آبادی، محمد حسین Jafari Rahmatabadi, Mohammad Hossein صنعتی شریف 1390 نانوذرات Nanoparticles / نانوسیلیکا Nanosilica / مقاومت فشاری Compression Strength / مقاومت خمشی Flexural Strength / نانو سیلیکا Nanosilica / ملات سیمان Cement Mortar 53-42053