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    Applicability of ARIMA models for investigating the effects of Technology spillover on Car Manufacturing Companies' performance

    , Article 8th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, IEOM 2018, 6 March 2018 through 8 March 2018 ; Volume 2018-March , 2018 ; 21698767 (ISSN); 9781532359446 (ISBN) Khorshidnam, M ; Karami, A ; Cyrus, K.M ; Eaton; INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences); Siemens ; Sharif University of Technology
    IEOM Society  2018
    The present study seeks to investigate the effects of technology spillover on the performance of automobile companies. In short, technology spillover is an opportunity to transfer and exploit and obtain information, technology or technical know-how, without prior planning. One of the most important indicators in evaluation of cars' manufacturing companies' performance is sales; hence, this study focused on sales variable and took it as a representative of Technology spillover. To this aim, the sales data were collected fromthe domestic car manufacturing companies. For this mean, sales' pattern during ten years is recognized using Seasonal ARIMA (S-ARIMA) model. Akaike Information Criterion... 

    Impact of Free Trade on Technological Heterogeneity across Countries: The Case of OECD European Members

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Karimi, Mohsen (Author) ; Abedini, Javad (Supervisor)
    Although technological specialization has been recognized as a stimulating factor of international trade (Ricardian theory), new approaches emphasize the endogeneity of technological heterogeneity across countries. Following them, we proceed to examine the effect of free trade on technological differences among 20 OECD members during 1996-2008. We first use the model of Eaton and Kortum (2002) to obtain an annual estimate of technological heterogeneity within the OECD group. We then analyze the behavior of this index facing international trade statistics in the same period. The results show that the OECD countries have been experienced a technological convergence, thanks to a boost in the... 

    Development of Model for Evaluation of Energy Technologies and R&D Planning

    , Ph.D. Dissertation Sharif University of Technology Shafiei, Ehsanoddin (Author) ; Ghofrani, Mohammad Bagher (Supervisor) ; Saboohi, Yadollah (Supervisor)
    In this research work an analytical instrument has been developed for assessment of energy technologies, R&D resource allocation and technology development. Development of new technologies has been considered according to the specific conditions of developing countries. The analytical instrument includes two models interlinked with each other: energy technology assessment and optimal control of innovation activities. Energy technology assessment and prioritization of new energy technologies are provided by the model of the energy supply system that contains a detailed representation of current and emerging technologies characterized in terms of their technical indices. The results of this...