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    Development of Model for Evaluation of Energy Technologies and R&D Planning

    , Ph.D. Dissertation Sharif University of Technology Shafiei, Ehsanoddin (Author) ; Ghofrani, Mohammad Bagher (Supervisor) ; Saboohi, Yadollah (Supervisor)
    In this research work an analytical instrument has been developed for assessment of energy technologies, R&D resource allocation and technology development. Development of new technologies has been considered according to the specific conditions of developing countries. The analytical instrument includes two models interlinked with each other: energy technology assessment and optimal control of innovation activities. Energy technology assessment and prioritization of new energy technologies are provided by the model of the energy supply system that contains a detailed representation of current and emerging technologies characterized in terms of their technical indices. The results of this... 

    Development of Water-Energy Nexus (Watergy)Model Considering Water Quality Pyramid

    , Ph.D. Dissertation Sharif University of Technology Hosseinnejad, Ahmad (Author) ; Saboohi, Yadollah (Supervisor) ; Shayegan, Jalal (Supervisor) ; Zarei, Ghasem (Co-Supervisor)
    Water-energy nexus approach is any water and energy interaction in a system to provide sustainable usage of resources. Quantitative model of interaction of water and energy in analyzing water-energy nexus is not comprehensive approach for solving all challenges facing this section. Qualitative analysis of water-energy nexus provides optimization and prioritization solutions in water and energy systems from other aspects. In present thesis two quantitative and qualitative aspect of water-energy nexus is considered. Initially, for quantitative modeling, interaction and relation of water and energy (watergy) with six principles to form WatErgy Reference System (WERS) was presented. The...