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    Numerical study of diodicity mechanism in different tesla-type microvalves

    , Article Journal of Applied Research and Technology ; Volume 11, Issue 6 , 2013 , Pages 876-885 ; 16656423 (ISSN) Nobakht, A. Y ; Shahsavan, M ; Paykani, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Microvalve is one of the most important components in microfluidic systems and micropumps. In this paper, threedimensional incompressible flow through a Tesla-type microvalve is simulated using FLUENT computational fluid dynamic package. The flow is laminar and SIMPLE algorithm is used. The second-order upwind method is implemented for discretizing convective terms. The diodicity mechanism is investigated in detail for three different microvalves. Effect of several series Tesla-type microvalves on diodicity is also studied. The numerical analyses reveal that the mechanism of diodicity occurs at the T-junction and side channel. If inlet and outlet channels are eliminated, diodicity can be... 

    Numerical study on the performance of Tesla type microvalve in a valveless micropump in the range of low frequencies

    , Article Journal of Micro-Bio Robotics ; Volume 8, Issue 3 , 2013 , pp 145-159 ; 21946418 (ISSN) Mohammadzadeh, K ; Kolahdouz, E. M ; Shirani, E ; Shafii, M. B ; Sharif University of Technology
    In this study, the performance of Tesla-type microvalves, used in micropumps for low frequency driving force, is examined. Three-dimensional and unsteady numerical analysis of fluid flow inside a valveless reciprocating micropump in the range of low working frequencies is carried out. Reciprocating movement of flow actuator provides the actuation and pumping of the working fluid. Ferrofluidic valveless micropump is one practical sample of this kind of micropumps that operate in the range of low working frequencies. To model the reciprocating movement of flow actuator, two time varying functions that includes sinusoidal and step excitation are employed. Also, the performance of... 

    Numerical investigation on the effect of the size and number of stages on the tesla microvalve efficiency

    , Article Journal of Mechanics ; Volume 29, Issue 3 , 2012 , Pages 527-534 ; 17277191 (ISSN) Mohammadzadeh, K ; Kolahdouz, E. M ; Shirani, E ; Shafii, M. B ; Sharif University of Technology
    In the present study, the effect of the number of stages of Tesla Micro-Valve (TMV), as well as the dependency of Reynolds number, Re, on the valve performance has been analyzed. For this purpose, different layouts include one to four-stage with different sizes are investigated numerically. The main criterion for evaluation of valves performance is diodicity, Di. Unsteady and steady flow in valve have been simulated and compared. It is shown that although there are some difference but the trend is similar for both responses. Finally, 2-D and steady state computations of the fluid flow have been utilized that reveal a strong dependence of Di on Re and pressure drop, ΔP. The results showed...