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    Experimental investigation of the effect of obstacles on the behavior of turbidity currents

    , Article Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering ; Volume 40, Issue 4 , 2013 , Pages 343-352 ; 03151468 (ISSN) Oshaghi, M. R ; Afshin, H ; Firoozabadi, B ; Sharif University of Technology
    Turbidity current is produced when a particle-laden fluid flows under lighter ambient fresh fluid. The streaming of particle-laden fluid is called a turbidity current and this kind of current is an important mechanism for sediment transportation in lakes and oceans. In the present research, the main concentration is on the effect of obstacle with an isosceles right triangular cross section on the behavior of turbidity current. A series of laboratory experiments were carried out with various obstacle heights and different inlet densimetric Froude numbers. In each experiment, velocity profiles upstream and downstream of the obstacle were measured, using an acoustic Doppler velocimeter. Kaolin... 

    Numerical simulation of centrifugal serpentine micromixers and analyzing mixing quality parameters

    , Article Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification ; Volume 104 , 2016 , Pages 243-252 ; 02552701 (ISSN) Shamloo, A ; Madadelahi, M ; Akbari, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier, B.V  2016
    Centrifugal microfluidics or the Lab on a CD (LOCD) has developed vast applications in biomedical researches and analyses. Fluid mixing is an application of the LOCD. In this paper, multiple centrifugal micromixers were simulated. Various parameters were originally presumed to have an effect on mixing performance. These parameters include inlet angle, angular velocity, cross-sectional profile, perpendicular length ratio and the number of channels in series. They were each analyzed through simulations. It was gathered that the inlet angle does not significantly affect the mixing quality. Increasing angular velocity steadily increases mixing quality for all geometries. The vertical triangular... 

    Dispersion and deposition of nanoparticles in microchannels with arrays of obstacles

    , Article Microfluidics and Nanofluidics ; Volume 21, Issue 4 , 2017 ; 16134982 (ISSN) Banihashemi Tehrani, S. M ; Moosavi, A ; Sadrhosseini, H ; Sharif University of Technology
    Springer Verlag  2017
    Air pollutants are among the hazardous materials for human health. Therefore, many scientists are interested in removing particles from the carrier gas. In this study, flow of air and airborne particles through the virtual multi-fibrous filters that consist of different fiber cross-sectional shapes and arrangements is simulated where particle deposition and filtration performance are studied. Regular and irregular arrangements of fibers with the circular, elliptical, and equilateral triangular cross sections have been considered. Effects of important parameters such as solid volume fraction, internal structure, and filter thickness on particle collection efficiency and pressure drop are... 

    Thermo-hydraulic performance enhancement of nanofluid-based linear solar receiver tubes with forward perforated ring steps and triangular cross section; a numerical investigation

    , Article Applied Thermal Engineering ; Volume 169 , March , 2020 Mahmoudi, A ; Fazli, M ; Morad, M. R ; Gholamalizadeh, E ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Ltd  2020
    Cylindrical pipes are installed to a line-focusing solar system with a linear receiver tube for transmitting thermal energy to the working fluid. In this study, the effects of a novel forward ring step inside circular pipes on the heat transfer performance of linear solar receiver tubes were investigated using computational fluid dynamics. The rings are perforated, and their cross section is triangular. Although the applied heat flux is consistent with a solar collector with a linear receiver tube, the analysis can be performed for any given heat flux distribution on circular pipes. The model was verified by comparing the predicted Nusselt numbers to those of the Gnielinski correlation, and...