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    Geometric-based fault diagnosis in a grid-connected inverter

    , Article Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 17 December 2018 through 19 December 2018 ; Volume 2018-December , 2019 , Pages 3421-3426 ; 07431546 (ISSN); 9781538613955 (ISBN) Mashreghi, A ; Namvar, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc  2019
    This paper presents a nonlinear geometric approach to fault detection and isolation (FDI) in grid-connected inverters. Faults are considered in inverter switches as well as in grid voltage and source current sensors. The FDI system is not sensitive to load variations or grid transients. No assumptions on balanced, zero-sum or sinusoidal form of voltages or currents are made. The resulting residual converges to zero in no-fault condition such that no threshold adjustment is needed. Simulations demonstrate performance of the proposed FDI system in presence of unknown disturbance. © 2018 IEEE  

    Stabilisation of commensurate fractional-order polytopic non-linear differential inclusion subject to input non-linearity and unknown disturbances

    , Article IET Control Theory and Applications ; Volume 7, Issue 12 , 2013 , Pages 1624-1633 ; 17518644 (ISSN) Abooee, A ; Haeri, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    In this study, a fractional-order adaptive-sliding mode control (SMC) scheme is proposed to stabilise commensurate fractional-order polytopic non-linear differential inclusion systems containing sector and dead-zone nonlinearities in the control inputs and unknown bounded disturbances. The suggested control method is composed of fractional-order sliding surfaces, adaptive-SMC inputs and adaptation laws for unknown bounds of disturbances. The Lyapunov stability theorem is used to prove the stability of the closed-loop system. A practical system and two numerical examples are simulated to show the effectiveness and performance of the proposed control technique  

    Implementation and intelligent gain tuning feedback–based optimal torque control of a rotary parallel robot

    , Article JVC/Journal of Vibration and Control ; Volume 28, Issue 19-20 , 2022 , Pages 2678-2695 ; 10775463 (ISSN) Tajdari, F ; Ebrahimi Toulkani, N ; Sharif University of Technology
    SAGE Publications Inc  2022
    Aiming at operating optimally minimizing error of tracking and designing control effort, this study presents a novel generalizable methodology of an optimal torque control for a 6-degree-of-freedom Stewart platform with rotary actuators. In the proposed approach, a linear quadratic integral regulator with the least sensitivity to controller parameter choices is designed, associated with an online artificial neural network gain tuning. The nonlinear system is implemented in ADAMS, and the controller is formulated in MATLAB to minimize the real-time tracking error robustly. To validate the controller performance, MATLAB and ADAMS are linked together and the performance of the controller on the...