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1 مقاله Applying alloyed metal nanoparticles to enhance solar assisted water splitting Naseri, N. Water splitting.
2 مقاله Optimum design of R.O. membrane by using simulation techniques Afrasiabi, N. 2009 Water treatment.
3 مقاله Ro brine treatment and disposal methods Afrasiabi, N. Taylor and Francis Inc, 2011 Water treatment.
4 مقاله Study of electrical conductivity of different water liquids and electrolytes Golnabi, H. 2010 Water.
5 مقاله Numerical study on the asymmetric water entry of a wedge section Seif, M. S. 2004 Hydrodynamic impact.
6 مقاله The effect of asymmetric water entry on the hydrodynamic impact Seif, M. S. National Research Center of Medical Sciences, 2004 Hydrodynamic Impact.
7 مقاله Oil biodegradation in sea water Alemzadeh, I. 2001 Sea water.
8 کتاب Low Grade Heat Driven Multi-Effect Distillation and Desalination / Bijan Rahimi. Rahimi, Bijan. Elsevier, 2017 Saline water conversion. TD 479 .R35 2017 کتابخانه مرکزی
9 مقاله A sustainable urban water management model under uncertainty: a case study Shabani, M. Emerald Group Holdings Ltd, 2021 Water resource.
10 مقاله Selective withdrawal optimization in a multipurpose water use reservoir Aghasian, K. Center for Environmental and Energy Research and Studies, 2019 Khuzestan.
11 مقاله Role of exchange flow in salt water balance of Urmia Lake Marjani, A. Lake Urmia.
12 مقاله The impact of connate water saturation and salinity on oil recovery and CO2 storage capacity during carbonated water injection in carbonate rock Shakiba, M. Chemical Industry Press, 2018 Enhanced recovery.
13 مقاله Hydrogel materials as an emerging platform for desalination and the production of purified water Salehi, A. A. Taylor and Francis Inc, 2020 Potable water.
14 مقاله Physico-chemical and biological characteristics of Sarabs (spring pools) in the Kermanshah Province of Iran Khatami, S.H. 2006 Viviparus.
15 پایان نامه پوشش لوله های فاضلاب با نانومواد مناسب با هدف جلوگیری از رشد بیولوژیکی (جلبک+بیوفیلم) Coating of Sewage Pipes with Appropriate Nanomaterials Aimed at Preventing Biological Growth (Algae+Biofilm) نظام الدین، مهسا سادات Nezameddin, Mahsa Sadat صنعتی شریف 1398 آب Water / تصفیه آب Water Treatment / انتقال آب Water Transfer / لایروبی Dredging / رشد زیست شناختی Biological Growth / نانومواد Nanomaterials 09-52244
16 مقاله The externality from communal metering of residential water: the case of Tehran Vesal, M. Elsevier B.V, 2018 Tehran [Iran].
17 مقاله Synthesis of β-hydroxy dithiocarbamate derivatives via regioselective addition of dithiocarbamate anion to epoxide in water [electronic resource] / / A. Ziyaei-Halimjani, M. R. Saidi. Ziyaei-Halimjani, A. (Azim). Water.
18 مقاله Calculation of the density and activity of water in ATPS systems for separation of biomolecules Valavi, M. 2013 Water activity.
19 مقاله The effect of viscosity, applied frequency and driven pressure on the laser induced bubble luminescence in water-sulfuric acid mixtures Sadighi Bonabi, R. Elsevier, 2016 Water-sulfuric acid mixtures.
20 مقاله Length effects on capacitance measurements of a cylindrical cell probe Sharifian, M. 2010 Water.