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    Is negative attention better than no attention? The comparative effects of ostracism and harassment at work

    , Article Organization Science ; Volume 26, Issue 3 , 2015 , Pages 774-793 ; 10477039 (ISSN) O'Reilly, J ; Robinson, S. L ; Berdahl, J. L ; Banki, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    INFORMS Inst.for Operations Res.and the Management Sciences  2015
    Ostracism has been recognized as conceptually and empirically distinct from harassment. Drawing from theory and research that suggests that employees have a strong need to belong in their organizations, we examine the comparative frequency and impact of ostracism and harassment in organizations across three field studies. Study 1 finds that a wide range of employees perceive ostracism, compared with harassment, to be more socially acceptable, less psychologically harmful, and less likely to be prohibited in their organization. Study 2 surveyed employees from a variety of organizations to test our theory that ostracism is actually a more harmful workplace experience than harassment.... 

    Wind energy penetration with load shifting from the system well-being viewpoint

    , Article International Journal of Renewable Energy Research ; Volume 7, Issue 2 , 2017 , Pages 977-987 ; 13090127 (ISSN) Hassanzadeh, M. N ; Fotuhi Firuzabad, M ; Safdarian, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    International Journal of Renewable Energy Research  2017
    Due to the pollution of the traditional power generation resources and environmental problems, development of power generation resources has become a major problem in today's world. Because of this reason and economic reasons for fossil fuels, the electricity industry designers and policy-makers are to provide solutions to improve the current situation and to reduce destructive environmental effects. In the meantime, the use of renewable resources such as wind and solar power plants has been a priority of many governments and companies. Because of the uncertainty of the renewable energy resources and their dependence on weather conditions, their influence is along with some problems... 

    Adequacy assessment of small isolated power systems using a well-being approach

    , Article 5th IFAC Symposium on Power Plants and Power Systems Control 2003, 15 September 2003 through 19 September 2003 ; Volume 36, Issue 20 , 2003 , Pages 691-695 ; 14746670 (ISSN) Fotuhi Firuzabad, M ; Rashidinejad, M ; Billinton, R ; Sharif University of Technology
    IFAC Secretariat  2003
    In spite of the widespread applications of probabilistic criteria in large systems there is considerable reluctance to apply probabilistic techniques in small isolated power systems. This reluctance dictates a need to create a bridge between the conventional deterministic methods and the prevalent probabilistic techniques. This paper presents a well-being approach to illustrate the adequacy assessment of small isolated power systems. A well-being index designated as LORE and the conventional LOLE index are utilized to determine the maximum load carrying capability in two isolated systems. Copyright ©2003 IFAC  

    Customer choice of reliability in spinning reserve procurement and cost allocation using well-being analysis

    , Article Electric Power Systems Research ; Volume 79, Issue 10 , 2009 , Pages 1431-1440 ; 03787796 (ISSN) Ahmadi Khatir, A ; Fotuhi Firuzabad, M ; Goel, L ; Sharif University of Technology
    A novel pool-based market-clearing algorithm for spinning reserve (SR) procurement and the cost allocation associated with provision of spinning reserve among customers (DisCos) is developed in this paper. Rational buyer market model is used to clear energy and spinning reserve markets in the proposed algorithm. This market model gives DisCos the opportunity to declare their own energy requirement together with their desired reliability levels to the ISO and also they can participate in the SR market as a interruptible load. The DisCos' desired reliability levels are selected from a hybrid deterministic/probabilistic framework designated as the system well-being model. Using the demand of... 

    Possible Impacts of Telework Initiated by COVID-19 Outbreak on Teleworkers’ Psychological Well-being: A Qualitative Study

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Saki, Mana (Author) ; Alavi, Babak (Supervisor)
    This research explores the impacts of the telework initiated by the outbreak of COVID-19, which is being called “emergent telework” in this research, on psychological well-being of teleworkers. As for the nature of emergent telework which is a new and unique phenomenon, a qualitative research is conducted. In order to do so, 15 in-depth interviews were held with employees from product teams of 11 organizations, and the interviews were analyzed using thematic analysis. General conditions of teleworking are identified in two categories named as “not working adjacent to coworkers” and “being away from the physical environment of the workplace”. Emergent telework, alongside the general... 

    Modeling the Kidney Market in Iran

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Naderi Tabar, Mohammad (Author) ; Fatemi Ardestani, Farshad (Supervisor)
    The purpose of this study is to model people's behavior on both sides of the kidney market. The healthy person decides to donate a live kidney (for a certain amount) on the supply side. On the demand side, the patient chooses between the two existing kidney queues, the living kidney and the cadaveric kidney, based on the individual's income and belief from the waiting time in each of the two queues. The sick person faces two critical risks in life: risk of death and kidney failure. To model these two risks, it is assumed that each person has a level of health that consists of two deterministic and stochastic parts. In this way, with a deterministic rate, a person's health level will decrease... 

    Evaluation of the Endpoint Damage of Climate Change Due to Power Plant Emissions on the Human Health Using Life Cycle Analysis

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Mirzaee, Saeed (Author) ; Avami, Akram (Supervisor)
    Preserving and promoting the health of citizens in a society is one of the most important problems addressed in any country. The power sector discharges a huge volume of carbon dioxide which intensifies the climate change and consequent human health problems.The goal of this study is to evaluate the ultimate effect of climate change caused by power plant emissions on the human health using life cycle analysis approach for different provinces in Iran. An integrated model has been developed to evaluate the impact of climate change due to power plant emissions on the human health. This model includes the equations regarding the variations in carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere,... 

    Composite system well-being analysis using sequential Monte Carlo simulation and fuzzy algorithm

    , Article Istanbul University - Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering ; Volume 13, Issue 1 , Dec , 2013 , Pages 1575-1580 ; 13030914 (ISSN) Alinejad, B ; Fotuhi Firuzabad, M ; Parvania, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Well-Being reliability indices (Health, Margin and Risk), provide a comprehensive measure to assess the adequacy of composite power systems. Conventional reliability information about power system operation only considered health and risk states, which were not often adequate criteria in both power system planning and operation. Well-being approach for power system generation adequacy evaluation incorporates deterministic criteria in a probabilistic framework, and provides system operating information in addition to risk assessment and can be evaluated using analytical techniques. The most important part of this approach is the algorithm for calculating the probability of the states.... 

    Design for well-being: The fourth generation of technology development

    , Article Technology in Society ; Volume 67 , November , 2021 ; 0160791X (ISSN) Kafaee, M ; Ansarian, Z ; Taqavi, M ; Heidari, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Ltd  2021
    Despite the importance of well-being, few studies have been conducted on the relationship between well-being and technology. In this paper, the development of technology from the perspective of well-being studies are divided into three generations. In higher generations, the main criterion of technology development becomes more comprehensive, in order to decrease the side effects of technology. We introduce the fourth generation in which well-being is the main criterion of the design process. Although it may not seem necessary to say that the purpose of most technologies is implicitly well-being, we show that the domination of physical pleasure in terms of “use and convenience” in the modern... 

    Evaluation of dike-type causeway impacts on the flow and salinity regimes in Urmia Lake, Iran

    , Article Journal of Great Lakes Research ; Volume 35, Issue 1 , 2009 , Pages 13-22 ; 03801330 (ISSN) Zeinoddini, M ; Tofighi, M. A ; Vafaee, F ; Sharif University of Technology
    Urmia Lake, located in a closed basin in north-west Iran, is the largest lake (5000-6000 km2) in the Middle East. It is very saline with total dissolved salts reaching 200 g/l compared with a normal seawater salinity of about 35 g/l. The construction of a causeway, which was initiated in 1979 but then abandoned until the early 2000s, is near completion and will provide road access between the western and eastern provinces. The causeway has an opening 1.25 km long and divides Urmia Lake into a northern and southern basin and restricts water exchange. The flow and salinity regimes are affected by the presence of this new causeway, and there are concerns over the well being of the Artemia...