Analyzing Mechanisms Which Create Instability in Attention to Care vs. Health in National Health System and Their Effects

Daneshvaran, Arman | 2013

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  1. Type of Document: M.Sc. Thesis
  2. Language: Farsi
  3. Document No: 44823 (44)
  4. University: Sharif University of Technology
  5. Department: Management and Economics
  6. Advisor(s): Mashayekhi, Alinaghi; Malaek, Mohammad Bagher
  7. Abstract:
  8. Each National Health System has to choose a combination of health and treatment programs, as the health policy to keep people healthy. As a result of shared resources, the more concentration on treatment, make health program weaker and so thegreater rate of prevalence of diseases and the more burden on treatment programs. At this situation, the problem of lack of ability to pay for health services and products will seriously threaten the health of society. Based on statistics of health status, Iran is going to face this state. So here at this thesis, in order to simulate and study the behaviors of key state variables during the time, the model of national health system developed by system dynamic approach. This model was applied to analyze and realize the mechanisms which lead health politicians to more concentration on treatment programs and its effects on Iran national health status. Obtained results during research process are included:
    I. Redefine public health (scope and main functions),
    II. Determining the roll of national health system to answer health needs, based on new definition,
    III. Realizing the effects of endogenous structure of health system and policy making process on health programs weaknesses,
    IV. Determination of restricting factors on health system efficiency,
    V. Determination of effective factors on resource allocation between health and treatment programs.
    At the endto compensate health program weakness, based on results from analyses, thesis tries to devise a policy for primary health care development by using the part of financial resource assigned to treatment programs; in which simulations show the positive effect of this policy on research problem
  9. Keywords:
  10. Health Care System ; System Dynamic Analysis ; Public Health Policy Making ; Social Factors ; Resources Allocation

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