Electric-field-induced Response of Charged Droplets in Uncharged Hydrogels

Maghsoudnia, Abolfazl | 2015

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  1. Type of Document: M.Sc. Thesis
  2. Language: Farsi
  3. Document No: 47855 (06)
  4. University: Sharif University of Technology
  5. Department: Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
  6. Advisor(s): Mohammadi, Ali Asghar
  7. Abstract:
  8. The electric field induced response of a charged droplet in an uncharged gel is calculated theoretically. For modeling, the gel is considered as a soft porous solid that is saturated with a Newtonian electrolyte and modeled as a continuum that contains 3 phases: a porous, soft and compressible solid, an incompressible Newtonian fluid and the ions inside fluid. Droplet is modeled as a charged incompressible Newtonian fluid immiscible with the gel. The droplet-gel interface is considered as a surface with electrostatic potential ζ . After obtaining governing equations, they solved by using perturbation methodology and linear superposition. Boundary conditions, especially at the droplet-gel interface, are the most important part of modeling. Solving the equations is done by an exact numerical method and then the droplet displacement investigated with changing the problem’s parameters. Boundary condition at the droplet-gel interface and the ratio of viscosity of fluids inside and outside of droplet has a significant effect on the results. Compressibility of gel is another factor that influence on droplet’s displacement, so that existence of compressibility improve the displacement of droplet
  9. Keywords:
  10. Electric Field ; Gels ; Hydrogel ; Charged Droplet ; Electric Response ; Droplet Displacement

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