Vibration analysis of a variable thickness isotropic Kirchhoff annular plate covered with piezoelectric layers using modified wave method

Rasekh Saleh, N ; Sharif University of Technology | 2011

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  1. Type of Document: Article
  2. Publisher: 2011
  3. Abstract:
  4. In this paper, based on Kirchhoff plate theory (CLPT), vibration analysis of an arbitrary nonlinear variable thickness annular isotropic plate which is covered with piezoelectric layers on the top and bottom surfaces in a short circuit state is performed using a semi-analytic method, named modified wave method (MWM). The plate is partitioned into several continuous segments with constant thicknesses, for which there exists exact analytical solutions. Considering wave method, the solution of each segment is assumed to be the combination of waves moving forward and backward, and at each step, waves in positive and negative directions are obtained in terms of waves at the inner edge of the first segment. Using continuity condition, the propagation, transmission and reflection matrices for each segment are extracted. Using these matrices the positive and negative waves at the last boundary condition are obtained in terms of waves of the first boundary condition. Satisfying the boundary conditions, a system of homogeneous linear equations is achieved. The nontrivial roots of the characteristic equation of these simultaneous linear equations are the natural frequencies of the plate. To verify the modified wave method presented here, the results are compared to the results of analytical and FE, which have proven to be of high accuracy and excellent agreement which validates the present approach. Therefore, this method can also be used to calculate the natural frequencies of plates with any arbitrary variable thickness
  5. Keywords:
  6. CLPT ; Modified wave method ; Piezoelectric layers ; Propagation and transmission matrices ; Semi-analytical ; Short circuit ; Transfer ; Variable thickness annular plate ; Vibration
  7. Source: Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences ; Volume 5, Issue 8 , August , 2011 , Pages 1172-1184 ; 19918178 (ISSN)
  8. URL: http://connection.ebscohost.com/c/articles/69681696/vibration-analysis-variable-thickness-isotropic-kirchhoff-annular-plate-covered-piezoelectric-layers-using-modified-wave-method