Developing a unified FVE-ALE approach to solve unsteady fluid flow with moving boundaries

Naderi, A ; Sharif University of Technology

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  1. Type of Document: Article
  2. DOI: 10.1002/fld.2055
  3. Abstract:
  4. In this study, an arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) approach is incorporated with a mixed finite-volume-element (FVE) method to establish a novel moving boundary method for simulating unsteady incompressible flow on non-stationary meshes. The method collects the advantages of both finite-volume and finite-element (FE) methods as well as the ALE approach in a unified algorithm. In this regard, the convection terms are treated at the cell faces using a physical-influence upwinding scheme, while the diffusion terms are treated using bilinear FE shape functions. On the other hand, the performance of ALE approach is improved by using the Laplace method to improve the hybrid grids, involving triangular and quadrilateral elements, either partially or entirely. The use of hybrid FE grids facilitates this achievement. To show the robustness of the unified algorithm, we examine both the first-and the second-order temporal stencils. The accuracy and performance of the extended method are evaluated via simulating the unsteady flow fields around a fixed cylinder, a transversely oscillating cylinder, and in a channel with an indented wall. The numerical results presented demonstrate significant accuracy benefits for the new hybrid method on coarse meshes and where large time steps are taken. Of importance, the current method yields the second-order temporal accuracy when the second-order stencil is used to discretize the unsteady terms
  5. Keywords:
  6. Arbitrary lagrangian-Eulerian approach ; Finite-volume-element method ; Hybrid mesh ; Moving boundary ; Physical influence upwinding scheme ; Second-order time accuracy ; Arbitrary lagrangian Eulerian ; Element method ; Finite-volume ; Hybrid meshes ; Moving boundaries ; Second orders ; Upwinding ; Cylinders (shapes) ; Finite element method ; Function evaluation ; Incompressible flow ; Lagrange multipliers ; Oscillating cylinders ; Oscillating flow ; Boundary element method
  7. Source: International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids ; Volume 63, Issue 1 , 2010 , Pages 40-68 ; 02712091 (ISSN)
  8. URL: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/fld.2055/abstract