Stiffer double-stranded DNA in two-dimensional confinement due to bending anisotropy

Salari, H ; Sharif University of Technology | 2016

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  1. Type of Document: Article
  2. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.94.062407
  3. Publisher: American Physical Society , 2016
  4. Abstract:
  5. Using analytical approach and Monte Carlo (MC) simulations, we study the elastic behavior of the intrinsically twisted elastic ribbons with bending anisotropy, such as double-stranded DNA (dsDNA), in two-dimensional (2D) confinement. We show that, due to the bending anisotropy, the persistence length of dsDNA in 2D conformations is always greater than three-dimensional (3D) conformations. This result is in consistence with the measured values for DNA persistence length in 2D and 3D in equal biological conditions. We also show that in two dimensions, an anisotropic, intrinsically twisted polymer exhibits an implicit twist-bend coupling, which leads to the transient curvature increasing with a half helical turn periodicity along the bent polymer
  6. Keywords:
  7. Anisotropy ; DNA ; Monte carlo methods ; Analytical approach ; Biological conditions ; Double stranded DNA ; Double-stranded DNA (ds-DNA) ; Threedimensional (3-d) ; Transient curvatures ; Two dimensional (2 D) ; Two-dimensional confinement ; Bioinformatics
  8. Source: Physical Review E - Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics ; Volume 94, Issue 6 , 2016 ; 15393755 (ISSN)
  9. URL: https://journals.aps.org/pre/abstract/10.1103/PhysRevE.94.062407