Processing Queries with Mathematical Expressions on Encrypted Outsourced Databases

Naseri Boroujeni, Saeed | 2018

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  1. Type of Document: M.Sc. Thesis
  2. Language: Farsi
  3. Document No: 50934 (19)
  4. University: Sharif University of Technology
  5. Department: Computer Engineering
  6. Advisor(s): Jalil, Rasool
  7. Abstract:
  8. The ever-increasing volume of data and the lack of computational and storage facilities have caused a managerial challenge to organizations. The existence of these challenges on the one hand and the increase of storage services on the other hand have compelled the organizations to delegate their storage and management of data to the server providers of cloud storage services. The outsourcing of data to servers obviates the need for purchasing exorbitant storage equipment and recruiting professional workforce in the organization. Since the organization’s data will be kept outside the organization’s ambience in case of using such services in form of outsourcing, and the data will not be under the direct control and observation of their owner, there will be a number of security concerns. One of such concerns is keeping the confidentiality of the data, which will be done through encryption. The encryption of data will cause some problems in the performance of different queries on the data. Based on the encryption schemes used, these problems vary in different queries. With regard to the extension of mathematical operations, such problems will be more serious for these queries due to the fact that there is no encryption scheme capable of supporting all the mathematical operations with an acceptable overhead. Therefore, only the encryption-specific approaches are applicable. In this study, an approach for the processing of queries with mathematical expressions on the encrypted outsourced detabases has been presented. In this approach, the complex mathematical expressions which are not predictable by the use of special encryption will be divided into smaller, more predictable subexpressions. Then these subexpressions will be calculated on the server-side scripting. The answer of the calculated subexpressions decrypted on the proxy server and with the combination of them the answer to the initial complex expression will be revealed. By using this approach the processing of the query’s mathematical operation is done as much as possible on the server-side scripting, and the load of the proxy server processing will be diminished
  9. Keywords:
  10. Cloud Computing ; Database Security ; Database Outsourcing ; Cloud Security

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