IGBT open-circuit fault diagnosis in a Quasi-Z-source inverter

Yaghoubi, M ; Sharif University of Technology | 2018

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  1. Type of Document: Article
  2. DOI: 10.1109/TIE.2018.2847709
  3. Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc , 2018
  4. Abstract:
  5. In this paper, a fast and practical method is proposed for open-circuit (OC) fault diagnosis (FD) in a three-phase quasi-Z-source inverter (q-ZSI). Compared to the existing fast OC FD techniques in three-phase voltage-source inverters (VSIs), this method is more cost-effective since no ultra-fast processor or high-speed measurement is required. Additionally, the method is independent of the load condition. The proposed method is only applicable to Z-source family inverters and is based on observing the effect of shoot-through (SH) intervals on the system variables during switching periods. The proposed algorithm includes two consecutive stages: OC detection and fault location identification. When both stages of the OC FD algorithm are done, a redundant leg is activated and utilized instead of the failed leg. The accuracy of the proposed method is confirmed by the experimental results from a low-voltage q-ZSI prototype. IEEE
  6. Keywords:
  7. Fault diagnosis algorithm ; Inverters ; Legged locomotion ; Open-circuit fault ; Quasi-Z-source inverter ; Cost effectiveness ; Electric inverters ; Failure analysis ; Finite difference method ; Insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) ; Support vector machines ; Switches ; Timing circuits ; Voltage measurement ; Circuit faults ; Diagnosis algorithms ; Legged locomotion ; Open circuit faults ; Power system reliability ; Z-source inverter ; Fault detection
  8. Source: IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics ; Volume 66, Issue 4 , 2019 , Pages 2847-2856 ; 02780046 (ISSN)
  9. URL: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/8392539