Numerical simulation using a modified solver within OpenFOAM for compressible viscous flows

Ghazanfari, V ; Sharif University of Technology | 2020

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  1. Type of Document: Article
  2. DOI: 10.13052/ejcm2642-2085.2861
  3. Publisher: River Publishers , 2020
  4. Abstract:
  5. In this work, we attempted to develop an Implicit Coupled Density-Based (ICDB) solver using LU-SGS algorithm based on the AUSM+ up scheme in OpenFOAM. Then sonicFoam solver was modified to include viscous dissipation in order to improve its capability to capture shock wave and aerothermal variables. The details of the ICDB solver as well as key implementation details of the viscous dissipation to energy equation were introduced. Finally, two benchmark tests of hypersonic airflow over a flat plate and a 2-D cylinder were simulated to show the accuracy of ICDB solver. To verify and validate the ICDB solver, the obtained results were compared with other published experimental data. It was revealed that ICDB solver has good agreement with the experimental data. So it can be used as reference in other studies. It was also observed that ICDB solver enjoy advantages such as high resolution for contact discontinuity and low computational time. Moreover, to investigate the performance of modified sonicFoam, a case study of airflow over the prism was considered. Then the results of the modified sonicFoam were compared with the ICDB, rhoCentralFoam and sonicFoam solvers. The results showed that the modified sonicFoam solver possesses higher accuracy and lower computational time in comparison with the sonicFoam and rhoCentralFoam solvers, respectively. © 2020 River Publishers
  6. Keywords:
  7. AUSM+ up ; Density-based ; Implicit ; OpenFOAM ; SonicFoam ; Benchmarking ; Shock waves ; Benchmark tests ; Computational time ; Contact discontinuities ; Energy equation ; High resolution ; LU-SGS algorithm ; Viscous dissipation ; Viscous flow
  8. Source: European Journal of Computational Mechanics ; Volume 28, Issue 6 , 2020 , Pages 541-572
  9. URL: https://journals.riverpublishers.com/index.php/EJCM/article/view/992