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1 مقاله A new hydration model in correlating the mean ionic activity coefficient and density of aqueous electrolyte solutions Pazuki, G. R. Electrolytes.
2 مقاله Activity coefficient prediction for binary and ternary aqueous electrolyte solutions at different temperatures and concentrations Sadeghi, M. Temperature.
3 مقاله A new gibbs energy model for obtaining thermophysical properties of aqueous electrolyte solutions Khederlou, K. 2009 Thermophysical properties.
4 مقاله Prediction of hydrate formation for the systems containing single and mixed electrolyte solutions Shabani, M. M. Iranian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 2007 GV-MSA model.
5 مقاله The MSA and the individual ionic activity coefficients Taghikhani, V. 2003 Mean spherical approximation.
6 مقاله Correlation of the mean ionic activity coefficients in 1:1 electrolyte solutions using the GV-MSA model Ghotbi, C. 2003 Mean ionic activity coefficients.
7 مقاله Measurement of activity coefficients of amino acids in aqueous electrolyte solutions: Experimental data for the systems (H2O + NaBr + glycine) and (H2O + NaBr + L-valine) at T = 298.15 K Khavaninzadeh, A. Academic Press, 2003 Ion-selective electrode.
8 مقاله Extension of the dense system equation of state to electrolyte solutions Parsafar, G. 2007 Density.
9 مقاله Application of the non-primitive MSA-based models in predicting the activity and the osmotic coefficients of aqueous electrolyte solutions Seyfkar, N. 2004 Non-primitive model.
10 پایان نامه خواص ترمودینامیکی محلول های الکترولیتی حاوی اوره Thermodynamic Properties of Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions Containing Urea سمیعی نسب، احمد رضا Samieenasab, Ahmad Reza صنعتی شریف 1390 محلول الکترولیت Electrolyte Solution / ضریب فعالیت Activity Coefficient / چگالی Density / تابع انرژی گیبس Gibbs Energy Function / خواص ترمودینامیکی Thermodynamic Properties 06-42450
11 پایان نامه بررسی آزمایشگاهی و مطالعه تئوری حلالیت محلول های الکترولیت آبی تک و چندنمکی بر حسب تغییرات دما Experimental Study and Modeling of Saturation Molality of Inorganic Salts in formation water صحرایی، صادق Sahraei, Sadegh صنعتی شریف 1390 مدل یونی فک UNIFAC Model / ضریب فعالیت Activity Coefficient / محلول الکترولیت Electrolyte Solution / حلالیت اشباع Saturation Molality / مدل پیتزر - دبای - هوکل Pitzer-Debye-Huckel (PDH)Model 06-42078
12 مقاله Correlation and prediction the activity coefficients and solubility of amino acids and simple peptide in aqueous solution using the modified local composition model Pazuki, G. R. 2007 Solutions.
13 مقاله Modeling electrolyte solutions with the SAFT-VR equation using Yukawa potentials and the mean-spherical approximation Behzadi, B. Elsevier, 2005 Electrolyte.
14 مقاله Application of the MSA-based models in correlating the surface tension for single and mixed electrolyte solutions Sadeghi, M. 2009 Electrolytes.
15 پایان نامه تعیین پارامترهای ترمودینامیکی محلول های با ترکیب مشابه پلاسما و یا خون Prediction of Thermodynamic Parameters in Solutions with Similar Composition to Plasma or Blood صادقی، مسعود Sadeghi, Masoud دانشگاه صنعتی شریف 1391 محلول الکترولیت Electrolyte Solution / ضریب فعالیت Activity Coefficient / ضریب اسمزی Osmotic Coefficient / سیستم پیچیده Complex System / بر هم کنش نمک - زیست مولکول Salt-Biomolecule Interaction / مدل ePC-SAFT ePC-SAFT Model 06-44283
16 مقاله Modification of the GV-MSA model in obtaining the activity and osmotic coefficients of aqueous electrolyte solutions Mortazavi Manesh, S. 2006 Solutions.
17 مقاله Application of the GV-MSA model to the electrolyte solutions containing mixed salts and mixed solvents Salimi, H. R. 2005 Electrolyte.
18 مقاله Application of the Pitzer and the MSA-based models in predicting the activity and the osmotic coefficients of aqueous electrolyte solutions Azimi, G. Sharif University of Technology, 2005 Osmosis.
19 مقاله Measurement and correlation of surface tension for single aqueous electrolyte solutions Sadeghi, M. 2010 Electrolytes.
20 مقاله Prediction of the aqueous solubility of BaSO4 using pitzer ion interaction model and LSSVM algorithm Safari, H. Solubility.