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1 مقاله Construction of Pt nanoparticle-decorated graphene nanosheets and carbon nanospheres nanocomposite-modified electrodes: Application to ultrasensitive electrochemical determination of cefepime Shahrokhian, S. Nanospheres.
2 مقاله Designing of CK45 carbon steel and aisi 304 stainless steel dissimilar welds Pouraliakbar, H. Welds.
3 مقاله L10 FePt Nanoparticles Processing with Applied Magnetic Field Sebt, S. A. 2013 Agglomeration.
4 مقاله Morphology, rheology and mechanical properties of polypropylene/ethylene-octene copolymer/clay nanocomposites: Effects of the compatibilizer Bagheri Kazemabad, S. Elsevier, 2012 Nanocomposites.
5 مقاله Study of the effect of frequency in pulse electrodeposition on Au-Ni from cyanide-citrate electrolyte by the aim of design of experiment Moakhar, R. S. Design of experiments.
6 مقاله Densification and microstructural evolution during laser sintering of A356/SiC composite powders Simchi, A. Sintering.
7 مقاله Effects of different operating parameters on the particle size of silver chloride nanoparticles prepared in a spinning disk reactor Dabir, H. Springer Verlag, 2015 Agglomeration.
8 مقاله Hydrogen failure sensitivity of A516-Gr70 and API 5L-X70 steels in sour environments Taheri, H. Emerald Group Publishing Ltd, 2015 Corrosion.
9 مقاله Spark plasma sintering of a multilayer thermal barrier coating on Inconel 738 superalloy: Microstructural development and hot corrosion behavior Pak Seresht, A. H. Elsevier Ltd Thermally grown oxide.
10 مقاله Copper immobilized onto polymer-coated magnetic nanoparticles as recoverable catalyst for 'click' reaction Banan, A. John Wiley and Sons Ltd, 2016 Nanomagnetics.
11 مقاله Deposition of metallic molybdenum thin films on 304L steel substrate by SUT-PF Hosseinzadeh, A. Elsevier B. V Stainless steel.
12 مقاله Ugi four-component assembly process: An efficient approach for one-pot multifunctionalization of nanographene oxide in water and its application in lipase immobilization Rezaei, A. American Chemical Society, 2016 X ray photoelectron spectroscopy.
13 مقاله Investigation on corrosion stratigraphy and morphology in some iron age bronze alloys vessels by OM, XRD and SEM–EDS methods Oudbashi, O. Corrosion.
14 مقاله Copper immobilized onto polymer-coated magnetic nanoparticles as recoverable catalyst for ‘click’ reaction Banan, A. Nanomagnetics.
15 مقاله Structural and corrosion characterization of hydroxyapatite/zirconium nitride-coated AZ91 magnesium alloy by ion beam sputtering Kiahosseini, S. R. Ion beams.
16 مقاله Monodentate palladium(0)-[60]fullerene complexes of diphosphine ligands as efficient and sustainable nanocatalysts for the Mizoroki-Heck coupling reaction of aryl chlorides Sabounchei, S. J. Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017 Transmission electron microscopy.
17 مقاله Effect of angular position on the quality of dense plasma focus-based additive layer manufactured molybdenum coatings Fereiduni, E. Springer London, 2018 Coatings.
18 مقاله Gold-Decorated 3D 2,6-diaminopyridine network: a robust catalyst for the bromination of aromatic compounds Pourjavadi, A. American Chemical Society, 2018 Catalyst activity.
19 مقاله Ternary nanostructures of Cr2O3/graphene oxide/conducting polymers for supercapacitor application Asen, P. Electrochemical electrodes.
20 مقاله Cyclic oxidation characteristics of HVOF thermal-sprayed NiCoCrAlY and CoNiCrAlY coatings at 1000 °C Feizabadi, A. Elsevier Ltd, 2018 Aluminum alloys.