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1 مقاله Simulation of elasto-plastic deformations in composites by flow rules Monfared, V. Solid mechanics.
2 مقاله A note on the resonant interaction between a surface wave and two interfacial waves Jamali, M. Cambridge University Press, 2003 Fluid mechanics.
3 مقاله Theoretical-experimental investigation of Co emission from an oil refinery incinerator Darbandi, M. Transport properties.
4 مقاله Experimental study and modeling of gravity drainage during WAG process in fractured carbonate rocks Jafari, M. 2008 CFD.
5 مقاله Analytical solution for contact problem between a tilted wedge and half-plane under partial slip condition Adibnazari, S. Elsevier Ltd, 2008 Friction.
6 مقاله Calculation of thermodynamic properties of simple fluids using a new derived pair correlation function Khanpour, M. 2007 Fluid mechanics.
7 مقاله Comparison of interface capturing methods in two phase flow Panahi, R. 2005 Two phase flow.
8 مقاله Numerical analysis of coherent structures in bidirectional swirl combustion chamber Aghakashi, V. Begell House Inc Vortex flow.
9 مقاله Discharge capacity of conventional side weirs in supercritical conditions Parvaneh, A. CRC Press/Balkema, 2016 Weirs.
10 مقاله Developing consistent inlet thermal boundary condition in micro/nano scale channels with heat transfer Darbandi, M. 2008 Boundary conditions.
11 مقاله Exchange flow between a canopy and open water Jamali, M. 2008 Numerical model.
12 مقاله A perspective on electrostatics in gas-solid fluidized beds: Challenges and future research needs Fotovat, F. GLAB Reactor and Fluidization Technologies, 2021 Fluidized beds.
13 پایان نامه مدل سازی آلودگی هوا با تلفیق OpenFOAM و مدل AERMOD Air Pollution Modeling, Using AERMOD Model Coupled with OpenFOAM Software ناظم، امیر Nazem, Amir صنعتی شریف 1395 دینامیک سیالات محاسباتی Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) / مدل سازی پراکندگی Dispersion Modeling / مکانیک سیالات Fluid Mechanics / شهر تهران Tehran City / نرم افزار OpenFOAM OpenFOAM Software / مدل سازی آلودگی هوا Air Pollution Modeling / مکانیک سیالات زیست محیطی Environmental Fluid Mechanics 45-49649
14 مقاله Reacting turbulent flow simulation to improve the mixing process in an oil refinery incinerator Darbandi, M. Transport properties.
15 مقاله Numerical investigation of thermo fluid mechanics of differentially heated rotating tubes Reza, M. 2010 Flow simulation.
16 مقاله Evaluation of seepage problem under a concrete dam with finite volume method Shamsai, A. Problem solving.
17 مقاله An experimental investigation of the reduced frequency effects into pressure coefficients of a plunging airfoil Mani, M. 2008 Airfoils.
18 مقاله Details study of ambient wind effect on heat dissipation capacity of thermal-powerplant dry cooling-towers Darbandi, M. Computational fluid dynamics.
19 مقاله Experimental analysis of secondary gas injection strategies Heidari, P. 2013 Water injection.
20 مقاله Entropy minimization in turbine cascade using continuous adjoint formulation Zeinalpour, M. Taylor and Francis Ltd Turbine components.