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1 مقاله Incorporating time-varying electricity rates into day-ahead distribution system operation Ghasemifard, M.-H. Electricity.
2 مقاله Incorporating two-part real-time pricing scheme into distribution system operation Ghasemifard, M.-H. Costs.
3 مقاله A practical application of the Delphi method in maintenance-targeted resource allocation of distribution utilities Dehghanian, P. Information management.
4 مقاله Distribution network reliability improvements in presence of demand response Safdarian, A. Reliability.
5 مقاله PHEVs centralized/decentralized charging control mechanisms: Requirements and impacts Moeini-Aghtaie, M. Optimization.
6 مقاله Investigation of the current maintenance experiences in power distribution utulities of Iran Dehghanian, P. Maintenance.
7 مقاله Investigating the impacts of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles on distribution congestion Shafiee, S. Exhibitions.
8 مقاله Investigating the impacts of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles on power distribution systems Shafiee, S. Plugin hybrid vehicles.
9 مقاله Impacts of fault diagnosis schemes on distribution system reliability Kazemi, S. Failure analysis.
10 مقاله Critical component identification in reliability centered asset management of power distribution systems via fuzzy AHP Dehghanian, P. Hierarchical systems.
11 مقاله Impacts of controlled and uncontrolled PHEV charging on distribution systems Shafiee, S. Charging (batteries)
12 مقاله Optimized sectionalizing switch placement strategy in distribution systems Abiri-Jahromi, A. Integer programming.
13 مقاله Incorporating service quality regulation in distribution system maintenance strategy Mohammadnezhad-Shourkaei, H. Maintainability.
14 مقاله Optimal RTU placement in power distribution systems using a novel method based on analytical hierarchical process (AHP) Dehghanian, P. Hierarchical systems.
15 مقاله Reliability worth assessment of an automatic loop restoration scheme for urban distribution networks Kazemi, S. Reliability.
16 مقاله Impact of penalty-reward mechanism on the performance of electric distribution systems and regulator budget Mohammadnezhad-Shourkaei, H. Reliability.
17 مقاله Failure risk assessment of interdependent infrastructures against earthquake, a Petri net approach: Case study-power and water distribution networks Omidvar, B. Tehran [Tehran (PRV)].
18 مقاله Distribution loss allocation for radial systems including dgs Ghofrani-Jahromi, Z. Distributed power generation.
19 مقاله Development of an inverse finite element method with an initial guess of linear unfolding Kankarani Farahani, M. Finite element method.
20 مقاله A novel simultaneous reconfiguration and capacitor switching method to improve distribution networks operation Ameli, A. Capacitors.