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    Power system dynamic state estimation with synchronized phasor measurements

    , Article IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement ; Vol. 63, issue. 2 , 2014 , p. 352-363 ; ISSN: 189456 Aminifar, F ; Shahidehpour, M ; Fotuhi-Firuzabad, M ; Kamalinia, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    The dynamic state estimation (DSE) applied to power systems with synchrophasor measurements would estimate the system's true state based on measurements and predictions. In this application, as phasor measurement units (PMUs) are not deployed at all power system buses, state predictions would enhance the redundancy of DSE input data. The significance of predicted and measured data in DSE is affected by their confidence levels, which are inversely proportional to the corresponding variances. In practice, power system states may undergo drastic changes during hourly load fluctuations, component outages, or network switchings. In such conditions, the inclusion of predicted values could degrade... 

    Power-aware branch target prediction using a new BTB architecture

    , Article Proceedings - 17th IFIP International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration, VLSI-SoC 2009 ; 2011 , p. 53-58 ; ISBN: 9781457702365 Sadeghi, H ; Sarbazi-Azad, H ; Zarandi, H. R ; Sharif University of Technology
    This paper presents two effective methods to reduce power consumption of branch target buffer (BTB): 1) the first method is based on storing distance to next branch address in tag array instead of storing whole branch address, 2) the second method is to use a new field in data array of BTB namely Next Branch Distance (NBD) which holds distance of next branch address from current branch address. When a new hit is performed in BTB, based on NBD field, there would be no access through NBD number of instructions, so BTB can be shutdown not to consume power. The new architecture does not impose extra delay and reduction in prediction accuracy. Both methods were implemented and simulated using... 

    Introducing structural approximation method for modeling nanostructures

    , Article Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience ; Vol. 7, Issue 2 , 2010 , p. 423-428 ; ISSN: 15461955 Momeni, K ; Alasty, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    In this work a new method for analyzing nanostructured materials has been proposed to accelerate the simulations for solid crystalline materials. The proposed Structural Approximation Method (SAM) is based on Molecular Dynamics (MD) and the accuracy of the results can also be improved in a systematic manner by sacrificing the simulation speed. In this method a virtual material is used instead of the real one, which has less number of atoms and therefore fewer degrees of freedom, compared to the real material. The number of differential equations that must be integrated in order to specify the state of the system will decrease significantly, and the simulation speed increases. To generalize... 

    Evolving an accurate model based on machine learning approach for prediction of dew-point pressure in gas condensate reservoirs

    , Article Chemical Engineering Research and Design ; Vol. 92, issue. 5 , May , 2014 , p. 891-902 ; ISSN: 02638762 Majidi, S. M. J ; Shokrollahi, A ; Arabloo, M ; Mahdikhani-Soleymanloo, R ; Masihi, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Over the years, accurate prediction of dew-point pressure of gas condensate has been a vital importance in reservoir evaluation. Although various scientists and researchers have proposed correlations for this purpose since 1942, but most of these models fail to provide the desired accuracy in prediction of dew-point pressure. Therefore, further improvement is still needed. The objective of this study is to present an improved artificial neural network (ANN) method to predict dew-point pressures in gas condensate reservoirs. The model was developed and tested using a total set of 562 experimental data point from different gas condensate fluids covering a wide range of variables. After a... 

    The estimation of formation permeability in a carbonate reservoir using an artificial neural network

    , Article Petroleum Science and Technology ; Vol. 30, issue. 10 , Apr , 2010 , p. 1021-1030 ; ISSN: 10916466 Yeganeh, M ; Masihi, M ; Fatholah,i S ; Sharif University of Technology
    Reservoir permeability is an important parameter that its reliable prediction is necessary for reservoir performance assessment and management. Although many empirical formulas are derived regarding permeability and porosity in sandstone reservoirs, these correlations cannot be accurately depicted in carbonate reservoir for the wells that are not cored and for which there are no welltest data. Therefore, having a framework for estimation of these parameters in reservoirs with neither coring samples nor welltest data is crucial. Rock properties are characterized by using different well logs. However, there is no specific petrophysical log for estimating rock permeability; thus, new methods... 

    Prediction of asphaltene precipitation during solvent/CO2 injection conditions: A comparative study on thermodynamic micellization model with a different characterization approach and solid model

    , Article Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology ; Vol. 50, issue. 3 , March , 2011 , p. 65-74 Tavakkoli, M ; Masihi, M ; Ghazanfari, M. H ; Kharrat, R ; Sharif University of Technology
    There are different thermodynamic models that have been applied for modelling of asphaltene precipitation caused by various reasons, such as solvent/CO2 injection and pressure depletion. In this work, two computer codes based on two different asphaltene precipitation thermodynamic models-the first being the thermodynamic micellization model with a different characterization approach and the second being the solid model-have been developed and used for predicting asphaltene precipitation data reported in the literature as well as in the obtained data for Sarvak reservoir crude, which is one of the most potentially problematic Iranian heavy oil reserves under gas injection conditions. For the... 

    Integrated guidance and control of elastic flight vehicle based on robust MPC

    , Article International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control ; 2014 Shamaghdari, S ; Nikravesh, S. K. Y ; Haeri, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Integrated guidance and control of an elastic flight vehicle based on constrained robust model predictive control is proposed. The design is based on a partial state feedback control law that minimizes a cost function within the framework of linear matrix inequalities. It is shown that the solution of the defined optimization problem stabilizes the nonlinear plant. Nonlinear kinematics and dynamics are taken into account, and internal stability of the closed-loop nonlinear system is guaranteed. The performance and effectiveness of the proposed integrated guidance and control against non-maneuvering and weaving targets are evaluated using computer simulations  

    Predicting the solubility of SrSO4 in Na-Ca-Mg-Sr-Cl-SO4-H2O system at elevated temperatures and pressures

    , Article Fluid Phase Equilibria ; Vol. 374, issue , July , 2014 , p. 86-101 ; ISSN: 03783812 Safari, H ; Shokrollahi, A ; Moslemizadeh, A ; Jamialahmadi, M ; Ghazanfari, M. H ; Sharif University of Technology
    Precipitation of strontium sulfate (or SrSO4) has already been distinguished as one of the most costly and critical problems which may occur in process industries and oilfield operations. Costs due to scaling and remedial actions that need to be taken afterward are generally high owing to low solubility of SrSO4 in aqueous solutions. Therefore, a thorough understanding of the SrSO4 thermodynamic behavior under various operating conditions is vital to predict or even avoid the overall damage caused by scaling. The primary aim of this work is to develop a model based on Least Squares Support Vector Machine (LSSVM) and Coupled Simulated Annealing (CSA) referred to as CSA-LSSVM to predict... 

    Disease diagnosis with a hybrid method SVR using NSGA-II

    , Article Neurocomputing ; Vol. 136 , 2014 , pp. 14-29 Zangooei, M. H ; Habibi, J ; Alizadehsani, R ; Sharif University of Technology
    Early diagnosis of any disease at a lower cost is preferable. Automatic medical diagnosis classification tools reduce financial burden on health care systems. In medical diagnosis, patterns consist of observable symptoms and the results of diagnostic tests, which have various associated costs and risks. In this paper, we have experimented and suggested an automated pattern classification method for classifying four diseases into two classes. In the literature on machine learning or data mining, regression and classification problems are typically viewed as two distinct problems differentiated by continuous or categorical dependent variables. There are endeavors to use regression methods to... 

    Comparison between Lagrangian and Eulerian approaches in predicting motion of micron-sized particles in laminar flows

    , Article Atmospheric Environment ; Vol. 89, issue , 2014 , Pages 199-206 ; ISSN: 13522310 Saidi, M. S ; Rismanian, M ; Monjezi, M ; Zendehbad, M ; Fatehiboroujeni, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    Modeling the behavior of suspended particles in gaseous phase is important for diverse reasons; e.g. aerosol is usually the main subject of CFD simulations in clean rooms. Additionally, to determine the rate and sites of deposition of particles suspended in inhaled air, the motion of the particles should be predicted in lung airways. Meanwhile there are two basically different approaches to simulate the behavior of particles suspension, Lagrangian and Eulerian approaches. This study compares the results of these two approaches on simulating the same problem. An in-house particle tracking code was developed to simulate the motion of particles with Lagrangian approach. In order to simulate the... 

    A comprehensive investigation into the effect of water to cement ratio and powder content on mechanical properties of self-compacting concrete

    , Article Construction and Building Materials ; Vol. 57 , April , 2014 , pp. 69-80 ; ISSN: 09500618 Nikbin, I. M ; Beygi, M. H. A ; Kazemi, M. T ; Vaseghi Amiri, J ; Rabbanifar, S ; Rahmani, E ; Rahimi, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    Self compacting concrete (SCC), as an innovative construction material in concrete industry, offers a safer and more productive construction process due to favorable rheological performance which is caused by SCC's different mixture composition. This difference may have remarkable influence on the mechanical behavior of SCC as compared to normal vibrated concrete (NVC) in hardened state. Therefore, it is vital to know whether the use of all assumptions and relations that have been formulated for NVC in current design codes are also valid for SCC. Furthermore, this study presents an extensive evaluation and comparison between mechanical properties of SCC using current international codes and... 

    Analytical prediction of the main oscillation power and spurious levels in optoelectronic oscillators

    , Article Journal of Lightwave Technology ; Vol. 32, issue. 5 , 2014 , pp. 978-985 ; ISSN: 07338724 Hosseini, S. E ; Banai, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    We use a nonlinear analytic approach to predict the main oscillation mode power and spurious levels in ultrapure microwave optoelectronic oscillators (OEOs). This approach takes into account N simultaneously mode falling inside the RF filter bandwidth and calculates all the dominant InterModulation Products (IMPs) that fall in the fundamental zone. We show that nonlinear microwave photonic links exhibit the capture effect. By considering this effect, we derive analytical expressions that govern the behavior of the OEOs in the steady state. We find that when the small-signal open-loop gain is increased beyond a critical value, OEOs start a multimode operation from which the spurious levels... 

    Control effectiveness investigation of a ducted-fan aerial vehicle using model predictive controller

    , Article International Conference on Advanced Mechatronic Systems, ICAMechS ; 2014 , pp. 532-537 Banazadeh, A ; Emami, S. A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Special attention is given to vertical takeoff and landing air vehicles due to their unique capabilities and versatile missions. The main problem here is control effectiveness at low flight speeds and transition maneuvers because of the inherent instability. RMIT is a small sized tail-sitter ducted fan air vehicle with a particular configuration layout, multiple control surfaces, low weight, and high-speed flight capability. In the current study, a comprehensive nonlinear model is firstly developed for RMIT, followed by a validation process. This model consists of all parts including aerodynamic forces and moments, control surfaces term together with the gravity and driving fan forces.... 

    Three-dimensional simulation of urine concentrating mechanism in a functional unit of rat outer medulla. I. Model structure and base case results

    , Article Mathematical Biosciences ; Vol. 258 , 2014 , pp. 44-56 ; ISSN: 00255564 Sohrabi, S ; Saidi, M. S ; Saadatmand, M ; Banazadeh, M. H ; Firoozabadi, B ; Sharif University of Technology
    The urine formation and excretion system have long been of interest for mathematicians and physiologists to elucidate the obscurities within the process happens in renal tissue. In this study, a novel three-dimensional approach is utilized for modeling the urine concentrating mechanism in rat renal outer medulla which is essentially focused on demonstrating the significance of tubule's architecture revealed in anatomic studies and physiological literature. Since nephrons and vasculatures work interdependently through a highly structured arrangement in outer medulla which is dominated by vascular bundles, a detailed functional unit is proposed based on this specific configuration.... 

    Fatigue lifetime of AZ91 magnesium alloy subjected to cyclic thermal and mechanical loadings

    , Article Materials and Design ; Vol. 53, issue , 2014 , pp. 639-644 ; ISSN: 02613069 Azadi, M ; Farrahi, G. H ; Winter, G ; Eichlseder, W ; Sharif University of Technology
    In the present paper, thermo-mechanical fatigue (TMF) and low cycle fatigue (LCF) or isothermal fatigue (IF) lifetimes of a cast magnesium alloy (the AZ91 alloy) were studied. In addition to a heat treatment process (T6), several rare elements were added to the alloy to improve the material strength in the first step. Then, the cyclic behavior of the AZ91 was investigated. For this objective, strain-controlled tension-compression fatigue tests were carried out. The temperature varied between 50 and 200. °C in the out-of-phase (OP) TMF tests. The constraint factor which was defined as the ratio of the mechanical strain to the thermal strain, was set to 75%, 100% and 125%. For LCF tests,... 

    Modeling of dislocation density and strength on rheoforged A356 alloy during multi-directional forging

    , Article Computational Materials Science ; Vol. 81 , 2014 , pp. 284-289 Kavosi, J ; Saei, M ; Kazeminezhad, M ; Dodangeh, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    In this study, a hybrid model is presented to predict the dislocation density and strength evolution of the rheoforged non-dendritic A356 alloy during multi-directional forging. Regarding the characteristics of non-dendritic A356 alloy, combination of Shear Lag and Nes models is used for the eutectic structure, and Nes model is used for the α-Al globular phase. The aspect ratio variations of Si particles in eutectic structure during 3 passes of multi-directional forging do not change the model predictions, significantly. Model predictions on shear stress are in good agreement with experimental results of shear punch test  

    Design of a robust model predictive controller with reduced computational complexity

    , Article ISA Transactions ; Volume 53, Issue 6 , 1 November , 2014 , Pages 1754-1759 ; ISSN: 00190578 Razi, M ; Haeri, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    The practicality of robust model predictive control of systems with model uncertainties depends on the time consumed for solving a defined optimization problem. This paper presents a method for the computational complexity reduction in a robust model predictive control. First a scaled state vector is defined such that the objective function contours in the defined optimization problem become vertical or horizontal ellipses or circles, and then the control input is determined at each sampling time as a state feedback that minimizes the infinite horizon objective function by solving some linear matrix inequalities. The simulation results show that the number of iterations to solve the problem... 

    Hybrid modeling and control of a DC-DC boost converter via Extended Mixed Logical Dynamical systems (EMLDs)

    , Article PEDSTC 2014 - 5th Annual International Power Electronics, Drive Systems and Technologies Conference ; 2014 , pp. 373-378 Hejri, M ; Mokhtari, H ; Sharif University of Technology
    The objective of this paper is to expand the concept of hybrid modeling and control in power electronics area. A new precise and non-averaged model of a DC-DC boost converter is developed on the basis of Mixed Logical Dynamical (MLD) systems, and the approach is extended by a new version of such systems which is called as Extended Mixed Logical Dynamical (EMLD) systems in this paper. A Model Predictive Controller (MPC) based on the Mixed Integer Quadratic Programming (MIQP) is designed for the MLD and EMLD models of the DC-DC boost converter considering all possible dynamics in Continuous and Discontinuous Conduction Modes of operations (CCM-DCM). The simulation results show the satisfactory... 

    Nationwide prediction of drought conditions in Iran based on remote sensing data

    , Article IEEE Transactions on Computers ; Vol. 63, issue. 1 , Jan , 2014 , p. 90-101 ; 0018-9340 Jalili, M ; Gharibshah, J ; Ghavami, S. M ; Beheshtifar, M ; Farshi, R ; Sharif University of Technology
    Iran is a country in a dry part of the world and extensively suffers from drought. Drought is a natural, temporary, and iterative phenomenon that is caused by shortage in rainfall, which affects people's health and well-being adversely as well as impacting the society's economy and politics with far-reaching consequences. Information on intensity, duration, and spatial coverage of drought can help decision makers to reduce the vulnerability of the drought-affected areas, and therefore, lessen the risks associated with drought episodes. One of the major challenges of modeling drought (and short-term forecasting) in Iran is unavailability of long-term meteorological data for many parts of the... 

    A comprehensive investigation into the effect of aging and coarse aggregate size and volume on mechanical properties of self-compacting concrete

    , Article Materials and Design ; Vol. 59, issue , 2014 , pp. 199-210 ; ISSN: 10263098 Nikbin, I. M ; Beygi, M. H. A ; Kazemi, M. T ; Vaseghi Amiri, J ; Rahmani, E ; Rabbanifar, S ; Eslami, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    The popularity of self-compacting concrete (SCC), as an innovative construction materials in concrete industry, has increased all over the world in recent decades. SCC offers a safer construction process and durable concrete structure due to its typical fresh concrete behavior which is achieved by SCC's significantly different mixture composition. This modification of mix composition may have significant effect on the hardened mechanical properties of SCC as compared to normal vibrated concrete (NVC). Therefore, it is necessary to know whether the use of all rules and relations that have been formulated for NVC in current design codes based on years of experience are also valid for SCC....