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    Localization of Active Aerial Targets Using Targets with Known Location

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Kaviani, Saber (Author) ; Behnia, Feridoon (Supervisor)
    Localization of radio, acoustic and vibration wave’s sources by passive systems has many applications in positioning systems, navigation systems, wireless sensor networks, defense, security, and geophysics. RSS, AOA, TDOA, and FDOA are some of the techniques available for passive localization. The performance of TDOA/FDOA techniques does not degrade with distance and multipath, but it may suffer from poor performance for narrowband signals. On the other hand, FDOA technique requires narrowband signals. Thus, the combination of TDOA and FDOA can be suitable for a much wider range of sources. In addition, the TDOA/FDOA method can provide more accurate interference source localization compared...