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    Verification of Two and Three Dimensional Seepage Analyses Results’ Correctness in Embankment Dams According to Instrumenting Data (Case Study: ZAGROS, SHIAN & HAALEH Dams)

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Yarahmadi, Nazanin (Author) ; Jafarzadeh, Fardin (Supervisor)
    Since, seepage- related problems account for more than forty percents of earth dams’ failure, seepage analysis is one of the most important stages in designing of embankment dams. The most usual method of making a seepage analysis is doing a two dimensional one in the maximum cross- section and generalizing its results to the third dimension. As a natural consequence of this kind of seepage analysis, the effect of valley shape and material properties’ changes along the third dimension are ignored and so, in narrow valleys where the cross-section changes along longitude profile or in the specific cases of nonhomogeneity, using this kind of analysis can make false results. Besides, because of... 

    Evaluation of Endurance Time Method in Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Unreinforced Brick Masonry Buildings

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Kiani Nia, Mohammad Ali (Author) ; Esmaeil Pourestekanchi, Homayoon (Supervisor)
    The existing statistical studies implies that in Iran like most of developing countries, the great percent of houses are traditional. Statistics of the most disastrous current quakes also show damages caused by masonry structures in developing countries. The main problem of brick and masonry structures especially the unreinforced one is their weak performance against quake. Different methods are use to analyse the seismic performance of this structures. The modern endurance time method is a kind of time history analysis using standard increasing accelerograms which examines different parameters of structure behavior during excitation actions. In this project we analyse these structures using... 

    Flow-Field Modeling and Performance Prediction of Axial-Flow Compressors using Streamline Curvature Method

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Kohandel, Hamed (Author) ; Ghofrani, Mohammad Bagher (Supervisor) ; Nouri Borujerdi, Ali (Supervisor)
    Compressors are one of the most important components of gas turbines and turbomachinery processes. Thus some precise and quick tools are needed for design and analysis purposes. Despite of vast development of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools, Through-Flow Streamline Curvature Methods (SCM) has retained their position. 2D and quasi-3D forms of SCM in combination with CFD results nowadays make more than 80% of turbomachinery design process of axial and radial compressors and turbines. In this thesis, the basics of developing a tool for axial-flow compressor analysis are introduced. As will be seen, this analysis tool can be used for design purposes too. The method that is chosen for... 

    Investigation of Excitation-contraction behavior in Skeletal Muscle by Means of Chemomechanical Modeling

    , Ph.D. Dissertation Sharif University of Technology Karami, Mina (Author) ; Zohoor, Hassan (Supervisor) ; Firoozbakhsh, Keikhosrow (Supervisor)
    Numerous studies have shown a direct relationship between skeletal muscle active force and intracellular calcium ion concentrations; In fact, no matter how the muscle is stimulated (neurological, electrical, chemical, and mechanical stimuli), the main cause of muscle activation and consequently force generation is calcium ions.According to this scientific finding, the purpose of this study is to present a new chemo-mechanical multiscale model of skeletal muscle based on the fundamental principles of continuum thermodynamics. In this model, unlike other similar studies, muscle active force is not considered as the conventional multiplication of isometric force in a set of corrective... 

    3D Reconstruction of Football Player Using Multi-view Videos

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Karami, Mansoureh (Author) ; Kasaei, Shohreh (Supervisor)
    One major problem in sport match analysis and interpretation is that there are restricted viewpoints of the game. 3D reconstruction allows us to have virtual replay from any viewpoint so that the events such as penalties can be detected easily. For achieving this purpose, we use many cameras with overlapped views that cover almost all parts of the field. After some preprocessing, 3D reconstruction and texture mapping, we can enhance the viewer experience by having arbitrary viewpoint of the match. In this research, we use two different visual hull methods for 3D reconstruction. In the first method, the visual hull of an object is computed efficiently and robustly from image contours. This... 

    Two-Stage Axial Compressor Design Software

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Peyvan, Ahmad (Author) ; Hajilou Benisi, Ali (Supervisor)
    Axial-flow compressor is one of the most basic components of gas turbine engines. Consequently, it is essential to design this machine appropriately. Full three dimensional analyses of axial-flow compressors is time consuming due to the flow field complexity, so a method with minimum running time and producing an acceptable design is required. One dimensional design method is a low cost procedure with acceptable results for preliminary stages of design. It receives inlet flow conditions, such as total pressure ratio, mass flow and rotational speed and designs a compressor which satisfies the desired input data. Too many efforts have been accomplished to predict energy losses, design... 

    Study of the Interaction of Non-level Crossing Tunnels, Case Study of Crossing of Tunnels of Line 1 and Line 7 of Tehran Metro

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Pourjavadi, Sobhan (Author) ; Sadaghiani, Mohammad Hosein (Supervisor)
    As the crowded cities require public transportation and because of lack of space on the ground, Subway and boring underground tunnels encountered. In this thesis the interaction of boring the line 7 of Tehran metro with the existing station of line 1 of Tehran metro (Molavi station) is studied. By changing the soil specification, The surface settlement is significant so the soil specification is one of the important parameters of the interaction. For comparinf the effect of these parameters, the soil settlement and bending moments is investigated in different parts of station while the lower tunnel is passing beneath it. The 3D Abaqus software is used for modeling this interaction. In... 

    Study of the Effect of Central Beam Column (CBC) Structure on Sequential Excavation of Large Span Underground Station

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Valizade Givi, Amir (Author) ; Ahmadi, Mohammad Mehdi (Supervisor)
    Effect of utilizing Central Beam Column (CBC) structure on shallow, large span underground spaces excavation is studied. The CBC method focuses on increasing the overall rigidity of tunnel supporting system prior to full face excavation, in which central drift excavation is limited to the dimensions of the central beam and column to reduce disturbances. Constructing the central beam and column structure, the excavation is completed with NATM excavation method in a symmetric manner about centerline. In CBC method on each side of the centerline there is an arch structure composed of the initial lining resting on roof beam on top and bottom beam at the invert. The roof and bottom beams take the... 

    3d Design of a Microfluidic Chip for Anticancer Drugs Screening

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Hashemi, Maryam Sadat (Author) ; Mashayekhan, Shohreh (Supervisor) ; Saadatmand, Maryam (Supervisor)
    Nowadays, advanced and inexpensive pre-clinical methods for investigating the effects of anti-cancer drugs are expanding. One of the latest three-dimensional laboratory modeling for evaluating the effects of drugs is the use of tumor-on-chip technology, which actually models the physiological system of the body through three-dimensional scaffolds, multicellular cultures, and shaped vascular systems. In this study, three-dimensional culture of cancer cells was performed in the form of spheroids. A chip of U-shaped microstructures with and without gaps was used to trap cells and form cancer spheroids. We simulated the simultaneous effect of drug and oxygen concentration distribution inside the... 

    Experimental and Theoretical Investigation on Losses and Modeling Axial Flow Turbine

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Hashemi, Ahmad (Author) ; Hajilouy-Benisi, Ali (Supervisor)
    Prediction of axial flow turbine’s performance with different operating conditions due to the high costs and lack of reliable empirical data is always under developing. In this type of turbine, fluid flow is three-dimensional, viscous and highly turbulent. Nowadays, although a relatively detailed picture of the flow field can be obtained by the computational and numerical tools, but using of appropriate loss models in one-dimensional modeling for the performance prediction as well as optimization of the turbine in initial design phases, is a common trend.
    In the current study, aerodynamic losses in the axial flow turbine are investigated. Several loss models for the axial flow turbines... 

    Modeling of a Turbocharger Turbine to Predict Its Performance and Investigating the Possibility of Improvement using Experimental Results

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Meary, Mohammad Hosein (Author) ; Hajilouy Benisi, Ali (Supervisor)
    Radial inflow gas turbines are widely used in auxiliary power units, small industrial gas turbines and turbocharger of internal combustion engines. They have advantage for low mass flow rate and wide range operation conditions. This research aimed to improve aerodynamic performance of the radial turbine of GT4082 Garret turbocharger. First, performance characteristics of the turbine were obtained experimentally at Turbocharger Laboratory of Sharif University of Technology. Laboratory results are the basis for modeling evaluation. Then, a one-dimensional model was developed to predict the turbine performance characteristics. The model results were compared with experimental results, that... 

    Physical-Phenomenological Constitutive Modeling and Numerical Analysis of Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Mousavi, Mohammad Reza (Author) ; Arghavani, Jamal (Supervisor) ; Sohrabpour, Saeed (Supervisor) ; Naghdabadi, Reza (Co-Advisor)
    Magnetic shape memory alloys (MSMAs) are a new class of smart materials that exhibit characteristics of large recoverable strains and high frequency. These unique characteristics, make MSMAs interesting materials for applications such as actuators, sensors, and energy harvesters. This thesis presents a three-dimensional phenomenological constitutive model for MSMAs, developed within the framework of irreversible continuum thermodynamics. To this end, a proper set of internal variables is introduced to reflect the microstructural consequences on the material macroscopic behavior. Moreover, a stress-dependent thermodynamic force threshold needed for variant reorientation is introduced which... 

    Study the Effect of Staged Construction and Behavior of Concave Corner of Excavation Stabilized by Soldier Piles with Pretensioned Anchor by 3D Numerical Modeling

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Mehdizadeh, Mehdi (Author) ; Ahmadi, Mohammad Mehdi (Supervisor)
    In recent years, due to the development of cities and population growth, the number of underground floors and the depth of excavations have increased. Sustainability of excavation and control of deformation due to excavation process has always been considered as one of the important issues in geotechnical engineering. One of the most commonly used systems for deep excavation, especially in urban areas, is the soldier pile wall with tiebacks. This system consists of anchoring on soldier piles that are performed at horizontal distances around the excavation range. The cables have two parts. Unbond and bond length that, when pretensioned, have the task of transfering load out of the wedge of... 

    Control of Experimental Swarm Robots for Identification, Imaging & 3D Modeling Purposes

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Moeini, Mohammad (Author) ; Alasty, Aria (Supervisor)
    The aim of this project is decentralized control of a group of robots (swarm robots); such that the aggregation maneuver, leader following, Identification and imaging the target, will be performed so good as to make a three-dimensional model of the target from these images. Swarm robots consist of a number of similar and limited features robots which interaction in a group of robots, will lead to special features for the group. Any agent of group decides what to do only with its local information from the environment. Swarm robots are more applicable for the jobs in which a distributed perception from the environments needed, for example space exploration and military operations.In this... 

    Modeling of Oxygen Transport and Exchange in an Acinus

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Mortazavi Ashkzari, Mohammad Sadegh (Author) ; Saeedi, Mohammad Saeed (Supervisor)
    An acinus is defined as the complex of airways supplied by one first order respiratory or transitional bronchiole. In this part, the replenishment of oxygen at the alveolar surface occurs by a combination of convective air flow with diffusion of oxygen in the air. So for studying gas exchange in the lung, modeling gas species transport and exchange in an acinus is important. Due to lacking direct measurements of the distribution of oxygen (or carbon dioxide) concentration in the acinus, several mathematical models have been developed and studied by numerical simulations. But in none of them the influence of breathing pattern and the role of blood flow in restricting the gas exchange rate have... 

    CFD Modeling of Fixed Bed Reactor for Direct Synthesis of DME from Syngas and Carbon Dioxide

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Moradi, Fazel (Author) ; Kazemeini, Mohammad (Supervisor)
    Today, the global environmental restrictions as well as; energy problems have directed researchers toward developing ideas of producing a clean liquid fuel from coal or natural gas as a major research topic. In this regard, a special attention is paid to the dimethyl ether (DME) as a clean material containing 34.8% oxygen possessing enough positive potential to replace the diesel and LPG fuels. One of the most economic routes for producing the DME is known to be the direct conversion of the synthesis gases and carbon dioxide first to the methanol and then its dehydration to the DME. Moreover, the DME is not limited to a particular country or resource area since small reservoirs of natural... 

    Analysis of Stability and Ground Settlement in Construction Stages of Underground Exchange Station between Line 3 and 4 At Mashhad Subway

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Lamei, Amin (Author) ; Sadaghiani, Mohammad Hossein (Supervisor)
    Deformation and Settlement of the ground surface and stability of large underground space is the main concern in the excavation under urban area. In order to control settlement and increase stability, it is necessary to use pre-Supporting system prior to excavation. Concrete Arc Pre-supporting System (CAPS) is one of the most useful pre-supporting methods which is used in exchange station of line 3 and 4 of Mashhad subway. Line 3 and 4 are parallel in Shohada square and the groundwater level is above the whole station structure. To analyze deformation of the ground due to excavation stages, the station was modeled in 2D and 3D by Abaqus. In this study, to estimate ground Deformation, we need... 

    Evaluation the Surface Settlement and Interaction Between Tunnelinline2 and Metro Station Inline1 of Mashhad Metro at Intersection Using 3-D Numerical Modeling

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Ghasempour, Hamid (Author) ; Sadaghiani, Mohammad Hossein (Supervisor)
    In this study, the interaction of tunneling of line 2 of Mashhad metro and existing metro station (Shariati station) in line 1 has been investigated. To produce the stress and displacement which is caused by excavation of station, the process of station excavation has been modeled by method of cut and cover.This method is the common method for station construction at Shallow depth and is used in several cases in line 1 of Mashhad metro. The piled-raft system is used in foundation of central part of the station to reduce the settlements and the effects of interactions between the station and new tunnel. The new tunnel under the station is surrounded by two rows of lateral piles with distance... 

    Turn-to-Turn Fault Detection in Power Transformers in the Presence of Inrush Current

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Fallah Mollamahmod, Mahdi (Author) ; Hajipour, Ehsan (Supervisor)
    One of the most critical equipments in power grids are power transformers, which are vulnerable to damage due to the possibility of faults in its various components. A very common category of such faults is turn-to-turn fault in its winding. This fault initiates by the aging of the winding insulation with a short circuit of several adjacent loops to each other and if it is not detected quickly by the transformer protection, it will spread rapidly and can lead to irreparable failure in the transformer. Traditionally, turn-to-turn fault should be detected by mechanical pressure relays, however, due to the poor performance of these relays in the rapid detection of this type of fault, in the... 

    Fuzzy-Pade' Method for Approximating the Aerodynamic Forces in Dynamic Modeling of the Flexible Flapping Wing

    , Ph.D. Dissertation Sharif University of Technology Abedinnasab, Mohammad Hossein (Author) ; Zohoor, Hassan (Supervisor)
    In this thesis, we have derived the exact equations of motion for flexible beams. The derived equations are compared with similar equations reported in the literature, and they demonstrate significant power in prediction of the numerical results. The model for planar beams is verified by the performed experiments on carbon fiber rods. A new highly convergent, efficient technique which is quite fast is also developed for both approximating and controlling a system, entitled as fuzzy-Pade method. We then have studied effects of the wing flexibility on enhancing the lift and trust coefficients in the flapping flight. Aerodynamic force generation due to flapping is simulated for both the...